I am without a shadow of a doubt, a morning person. Like a big time, happy happy morning person. The kind you would rather not bump into unless of course you are a morning person too! I love morning time so much, especially if I get up early enough to get things done before I leave the house.  Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day and whether I’m rushed off my feet or in a frantic mess, whatever happens I never skip breakfast…and I’m going to explain why.

I’ve spoken to so many people that skip breakfast. I seriously don’t know how they do it. I can completely understand that often we can be in a major rush first thing, bundling the kids in the car to go to school, frantically running through notes for a meeting, or the horrific situation your alarm not going off. Whatever obstacles come in front of us at 7am, we should still have no excuse to miss the first meal of the day.

I like to vary my breakfast routine. Sometimes I like banana and peanut butter on toast, other days I will have enjoy my overnight oats, but there are days when I won’t have had time to even plan but that is no excuse to miss it. When that happens that is when I have my Belvita breakfast biscuits. Quick, easy and perfect for kick starting my day when I am on the go!

There are many health reasons why you shouldn’t skip your first meal of the day, but here are a few of the main reasons why I never miss breakfast.


Rise in energy // Without kick starting your day with a tasty breakfast, you might feel a bit sluggish and it may make you feel lethargic. Why you ask? Lack of essential vitamins, such a vitamin C, D, and B who all play a part in our energy levels. You’ll also be missing out on fibre… the point below gives you the low down on that one.

Digestion issues // By eating breakfast you kick start your metabolism which basically gets your body motor running . Without that you can sometimes find that regular bowel movements don’t happen, making you not only uncomfortable but can also cause more problems down the line.


Gaining weight // How can not eating cause weight gain? Apparently there is a significant possibility that if you do skip breakfast you’ll be far more likely to binge eat later on or just consume more than you’d need to. 11 am munchies? Where is the biscuit tin?!

Better cholesterol // By eating a healthy breakfast studies have shown that it actually improved  peoples cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity against those who didn’t eat one. I’m all for a good cholesterol!

Boosting your metabolism // Your metabolism hasn’t had to work very hard whilst you were asleep, but when you eat breakfast it kick starts it for the day and actually helps you burn calories… studies have shown that those who do eat a healthy breakfast weigh less than those who skip it.

If you are short on time then plan a head. Being in a rush doesn’t mean seeking out a McDonald’s breakfast wrap or just simply skipping the meal all together, I am talking finding some nutritious convenience. As I say I tend to plan my meals, but if I am in a rush I do actually have Belvita breakfast biscuits. I often have them when I am not at home or able to have my morning porridge. I like to know I am still being healthy, eating breakfast and getting my morning off on the right start.

Why should you have Belvita for breakfast? Personally I have been super impressed over the years with how they have developed more flavour combinations. I always enjoy knowing I can have them with my morning cup of tea, plus they are far easier to commute to work with! Best part? You’ll have 4 hours of steady release energy by having Belvitas for breakfast, and that is down to their slow release carbohydrates and wholemeal combination. Not bad for a kick start your day breakfast option!

Do you skip breakfast?

*Post in collaboration with Belvita breakfast biscuits but all views are my own*