Getting a good nights sleep is very much a daily priority with me. If I sleep well then my day is easier to tackle, if I don’t sleep well then chances are I will be less efficient. As I am a morning person, I like to get up to go training or just do some tasks before I head off to work. With that in mind going to bed late isn’t really an option, if for any reason I do then it will impact going forward. Getting the right mattress is also imperative and that is why I love my new Sleepbear mattress*.

I do go through random patches where I suffer from insomnia. I had a bad spell of it when I was around 12/13, I kept putting so much pressure on myself to fall asleep that I suddenly couldn’t, and would lay awake for hours. Now it happens sporadically but I try to stick to a clear routine to help tackle it. 

If like me you do a variety of training for fitness, your body needs rest to catch up with itself. If you constantly do something everyday then chances are you’re going to ache, so you need a decent bed to support you. I was contacted by Sleepbear and sent a new mattress, bizzarely only after having the ‘we could do with a new mattress’ chat with hubby. It was the perfect time. I suddenly started to feel old because I actually felt excited about getting a new mattress. What had I become?! 

The mattress from Sleepbear was memory foam which was not like our old one. We removed our previous mattress popped the mattress on, left it so it could revive itself after being in the packing, then both Nick and I lay on it. It was very weird, but good weird… No springs were digging in, and however I laid myself I felt supported. I actually have been having real bad issues with my leg after falling down some stairs and nothing has been helping it until now. 

Before the injury I would be up at 6am, out of bed, running gear on and off I’d go. I’d get back, shower and head out for my day. I have kicked the day into gear and sleeping well is so so important to get you off on the right start. As mentioned if you have done a lot of exercise such as a 5k, then swam or been cycling over the week, chances are you will be looking forward to getting into bed! Combining a good bedtime routine and also a comfortable and supportive place to sleep, you will see numerous benefits to  your days, let alone to your fitness. 

What can you expect? Well I am not saying you will become a Paula Radcliffe over night, but you will have far more energy, be alert and more importantly feel rested and refreshed. I haven’t slept in the SleepBear bed for too long but I am wondering why we didn’t have memory foam before?! 

My bedtime routine. 

7pm – I will have had my dinner by this point and will be starting to think about prepping my food for tomorrow. 

7.45pm – pack my bag for work tomorrow and lay out clothes. 

8pm – get my running gear ready to grab first thing… Including socks, knickers and trainers so I don’t have to hunt for them in the dark 

8.15pm – Remove make up and have a hot bubble bath. I light candles or burn lavender oils to begin the relaxation process. 

8.45pm – I get into my pyjamas 

9pm – I might catch up on an episode of something like Big Bang Theory just to briefly switch off. Or I may use this time to chat to hubby 

9.30pm – I head up to bed and start reading a book. I sometimes light some candles to bring the lighting down and relax me. 

10pm – I dab some lavender oil on my pillow, put my book down, set my alarm, blow out the candles and turn in for the night. 

How do you sleep? Have you changed your sleeping habits for fitness?