I don’t always exercise with music sometimes it is just me and my thoughts, but I must admit there are plenty of times I’d rather drown out daily life with music. Not only do I love listening to music it actually motivates me with fitness too. Today I’m going to be showing you my 3 favourite types of headphones and earphones to help motivate your fitness training.

First things first is the Sennheiser range, in this case the OCX 686 Sports and the PMX 686 Sports*. Use these the majority of the time both in the smaller over the ears ones and the others that go around the back of the head. I used these earphones from running the Berlin marathon and whilst my husband doesn’t like the ones that go around the back of your head, it is a personal preference. I absolutely love them as the sound was clear HD quality and you can also use these to talk on your phone (if you are connected to it), as I did whilst running the marathon for a little prep talk at 10k to go!

I like these most of all because I forget they are there! The cable has a clip which stops it from bouncing about, as well as a sound adjustment and pause button. You also rarely lose these because of their colour. Main issue is the cable getting a bit tangled and on the individual over the ear headphones, the ear buds tend to pop off easily. That being said they are super lightweight which makes any activity with them really comfortable. They also sweat and waterproof which is always very handy.

Best for // Running. All kinds of running.

Onto the all singing all dancing Motorola VerveRider+*. A new concept for me being that is was bluetooth connect – so no wires! I wasn’t going to get tangled up with this one, although the idea of it purely working on bluetooth was mind blowing… would it work? So when I go for a run or maybe I walk to work my headphones are in and often in that time a conversation with my Mum will occur. These headphones have a built in microphone so you can keep going and continue your conversation! Before I’d still have to hold my phone up to speak but didn’t have to touch anything. They sit around your neck like a collar

As I’ve used these the most for exercising I was happy to discover they are sweat and waterproof earbuds, but they still have a very crisp HD sound. Now the bluetooth has a 150ft range, so I still keep my phone tucked in my pocket when I go for a run, but say you’re at the gym you don’t have to be holding it for it to work. Does it annoy you being around your neck like that? Was a bit weird to begin with, but the more I’ve used them the more I’ve loved them. You can’t beat a splash of fancy tech to make exercising that bit easier – can you?! 

Best for // Everything… including for office and work bits.

Onto my over the ear choice, Nixon Loop Headphones. Now there are numerous headphones out there you can try that are over the ear but I love these ones. I will say I use these for power walking to and from work. Sometimes I don’t want something in my ear and I find over the ear ones like these Nixon’s perfect. Spot on when it comes to sound and actually fits nicely over the ears without movement of bounce when you’re on the go. These were actually a Christmas present so you may struggle to get the same as mine but have a look in TK Maxx and Surfdome, or alternatively try SkullCandy headphones as they are very similar.

Best for // Walking, dog walking, general usage, yoga/meditation, gym use, light jogs.

Do you always exercise with music – if so what do you use to work out with?