Did you know I do A LOT of walking? I walk to and from work everyday which gets me to about 15k steps per day, for my to and from journey. On top of that I then do some kind of exercise, but if I don’t get round to it for any reason I am always happy knowing I have been active in some way.

I came to realise a while ago that yes, it is great to be doing something cardiovascular everyday, (so in other words something elevate your heart rate) but it doesn’t always need to be a gruelling workout. I got a heart rate monitor a while ago, because I have always been interested in my resting heart rate and also my heart rate during exercise. My resting heart rate is between 60-75, which for my age is pretty good because I’m relatively fit. My heart rate does elevate quite high when I’m doing exercise, so finding my fat burning zone is quite tricky – it appears I’m all or nothing with this! You know what I discovered? Walking. Walking is where I fat burn most, and activities such as running (higher intensity cardio) is where I burn most calories. Combing the two has been amazing for me and I can’t rave about it enough.


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As I say I walk every week day and try to keep myself active and busy at the weekends. I must admit I always track my movements on a fitness watch because it keeps me on track. If you are new to fitness I can’t recommend walking more, it is such an easy and accessible way to get you going. Not sure when to start, or when to squeeze it? At lunch organise a walking group with your work colleagues, as there is nothing worse than being stuck at your desk all day – my fitbit tells me to try and do 250 steps each hour… that is a lot of making loo runs! But it truly keeps me on target.

Hint // Can you walk to work? Perhaps try once a week to walk somewhere close by that you would normally drive to.

I love to go for walks with Olly and obviously he loves it too. We try different routes so it doesn’t get boring, so perhaps take your dog for longer more interesting walks, or maybe borrow a friends dogs if that helps. I do prefer to walk with a purpose rather than just for the sake of it, but that is a personal preference.

Hint // No dog or friends with dogs? Visit Borrow My Doggy website for a loan dog in your area.

By setting myself that 10k steps a day goal it really does keep me focused on making sure I keep moving. Remember if you do at least those 10k steps you are doing a heck of a lot more than some people. I’d rather get my 10k steps in daily than sporadically do one fitness class, but obviously if you do both then that’s great. But once you start to feel fitter, perhaps aim for that to be your next step goal. As I say you can maybe sort with work colleagues to go for a walk at lunch to help get that step count up.


Hint  // Can’t find a group or work colleagues not liking the idea? Have a look via the internet or on Facebook for walking groups (like the Ramblers), or better yet start your own where you walk to a cute countryside coffee shop… but don’t get tempted by the cake!

Do you keep active on a daily basis like me? Do you aim for 10k steps?