Ever got deep rooted into a workout regime, only to be told by work you have got to go away for a few days? Your other half springs a lovely getaway into the mix? Or perhaps you are just off for a long weekend trip. Whatever it is, we sometimes find ourselves stuck with how to hit our daily workout target, particularly when we go away. If you do a specific class on a Wednesday but you’re going away on a Wednesday, you can’t do it – now what? I don’t know about you but when I slip out of my routine I feel utterly lost, so have some tips to help you maintain your fitness.

First things first, what to consider when you are away and wanting to workout. It is all about your time to start with. What is your schedule like? I know I get pretty disappointed in myself if I don’t get myself out to workout in some way, so I always get up early to get my exercise done first thing.

Right the best thing, to begin with, is doing your research. You can research the area you are headed to, for example, a city centre, what running routes are around? What fitness classes could you pay to go to? Where is safe to go? Things like Strava and running forums are great places to look for this. Also perhaps asking local fitness bloggers, they always know where is good to go or best to try in terms of classes. Whenever I go to London I always find a new route to run, but I plan in advance because I hate the fear of getting lost.

Don’t like running? Or don’t like running unless you are at home? That’s fine – trust me I have mastered the art of a hotel room workout! If you are away and for example your hotel has no gym, or like me when I’ve gone to the mountains, I have nowhere to run – I do the hotel room workout.

I often take my laptop and take Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz as it is a decent workout and it’s in sections. If I can only do half an hour I can stop after that section. Alternatively, you can try YouTube but if your hotel wifi is iffy, there is nothing worse than getting yourself warmed up and pumped to go, to then have a video that starts buffering. I have been there. Seriously the most annoying thing once you have committed to it.

Below are my go-to video workouts. I only use one DVD whilst travelling because it is a great workout. The youtubers are a combination of sweaty good workouts and general well-being influences.

DVDs |

Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz

YouTube |


Amanda Russell

Tone It Up

Tara Stiles Yoga

Sarah’s Day

Carly Rowena 


What I’m Wearing | Top – Reebok Les Mills Muscle Vest* // Leggings – Reebok Womens Running Tights* // Trainers – New Balance Vazee // Running Top – Asics Womens Running Jacket // Socks – Asics Running Socks, Watch – Fitbit Blaze // Sports Bra – La Redoute R Essential Sports Bra*

If you don’t want to cart your laptop the next thing I’m going to suggest is apps. I had a situation in Italy when the internet was non-existent, so lucky had a few apps on my phone I could utilise. It may seem a little boring but teamed with a music playlist and you can get yourself into training mode. I have used 7-minute body workout the most, but just hunt down a few. I’d suggest testing them out before you go away, just to make sure you like them. My favourite ones for not only exercise but for general health and well-being are listed below.

Apps |


MyFitness Pal 


7 Minute workout


There isn’t an excuse to miss exercise because you are away, it’s just adapting it to work around… plus to shake up your routine. Trust me when I’m away I find it just as hard as the next person to get myself sorted, but the more prepared I am the better I am. I also feel awesome when I go home knowing I have still been active. If you can’t do as much as normal, that is okay just do what you can… and remember it is better than not doing anything.

How do you find working away and keeping on top of your fitness?