Finding the best mobile phone for a blogger is always going to be tough, we all want different things, but one thing we have in common is the need for a great camera. Those must-do flat lays for Instagram, those pensive style shots, or even that cappuccino you just had to share on Twitter, whatever it is, us social influencers without a doubt need a jolly good camera at our finger tips. This is something I have been struggling to find for years until last month I got to take the Huawei P9 up the mountains to Andorra.


First impressions |

Firstly the look of the device is small and sleek in comparison to many phones now on the market. The 145mm long, 70.9mm wide and 6.95mm thick phone, is smooth and easy to hold. It holds host to two cameras built in on the back and one on the front – obviously ideal for those oh, so important selfies us bloggers need from time to time. With a built in Leica camera and dual lens setup, I knew I was in for some snappy happy treats whilst I headed out to the mountains…. plus having seen the Huawei advert with Scarlett Johansson in I knew this was going to be good!

Premium, elegant and stylish are the words that initially spring to mind when looking at this phone. Boasting an impressive 96% colour saturation and high contrast screen, this 5.2 FHD display really does make those images look sleek.

Blogger needs |

As a blogger we want amazing shots super quick, we often don’t have time to sort out the camera settings or if we do we want it to be super easy that we can grab that snap before it’s too late.  Even though, (like any camera) if you dive into the finer details of a cameras setup then they can be a bit more tricky, however if you’re just after a point and shoot situation this phone has it nailed. Remember the option to do more is always there with this phone, including things like shutter speed and even creating a time lapse (which is in my Andorra Travel Vlog). Bloggers not only need something with an awesome camera, a stylish look is pretty up there in priority with the Huawei P9’s metallic casing.

On the road |

My entire press trip went from 0-100 in the space of 5 minutes when I first starting snapping with this phone. I was previously dealing with a mediocre camera that needed serious photo edits to use in blog posts, on to now having photos that were blog worthy and shareable just as they were. My ski action shots, arty blurred focuses, coffee flat lays and epic snow glazed landscapes were all about to become pretty awesome very fast.

Against a white snow setting it is obvious that photos will come out looking exceptionally perfect, but throw in that dodgy low light we often are faced with, unlike other cameras I’ve used, the Huawei P9 seems to work very well under that added pressure. If like me you are in need of a camera that works well in so many scenarios including low light, due to the 1.25ยตm pixel size of the dual 12-megapixel cameras, the Huawei P9 has that sorted. You can also make your images look that bit more professional with settings such as monochrome mode, HDR, or even the wide aperture effect thrown in plus many more to play with. Even better? Try the 8 megapixel built in front camera for those needed blogger selfies!


Not just a camera |

I am mainly focusing on the camera aspect of this phone because that is normally my main focus with blogging, however it is great for actually being a phone as well! It makes and receives calls fine, it loves all apps and sharing my entire life is as smooth as a button. Alongside a camera being a big deal breaker for me, finding a phone with a good battery life is extremely important.

Oh my, how many times have I crawled along coffee shop floors under tables hunting for a plug socket to charge my phone! Too many to even mention, so it was delightful to know I could essentially use lots of ‘power draining’ apps and still have a phone to last the entire day without charging (battery is 300mAh). It does give you a friendly nudge when it knows you are using battery draining apps, and reminds you to close them if you aren’t using them.

Raised the bar |

I somehow feel like my quest is over in finally finding an amazing camera for all my blogger needs, on an equally awesome phone. One has never seemed to fit with the other until now, I’ve either had a great phone but the camera has been terrible, or the phone has been middle and the camera hasn’t blown me away. The Huawei P9 is hands down the best phone I have used in a long time. With the Leica camera built in allowing my photos to be that extra bit special, it truly is perfect for my non-stop blogging life.

Have you tried this phone or found a phone that has an amazing camera?


*Phone from Huawei for press trip*