ski essentials

Off up those snowy mountains this season but no idea what to take? Fear not I’m here to help you with all my must have ski outfit essentials. The most important thing for me with skiing is actually being warm and comfortable, I know that isn’t exactly rock and roll but trust me there is nothing worse than being stuck up the mountain feeling cold and uncomfortable.


Rather an obvious choice I know, but trust me when you start shopping for one you’ll realise you are going to be spoilt for choice. I personally like a ski coat with pockets… lots of pockets, especially the handy sleeve pocket for your lift pass. Ideally hunt for one with a powder skirt too so that you can ensure if you did fall over snow wouldn’t visit anywhere it shouldn’t. I tend to go for lighter jackets then layer up.

Snow Trousers

Some people actually prefer all-in-ones when they ski but if like me you like some comfy trousers, then always look for ones that have a nice inner lining and again hunt for pockets. Honestly pockets come in handy when you’re out all day. Also look those with zip vents, as you never know it may get really warm that you may need to cool off a little before you hit the slopes again.


Always get gloves that are mobile phone friendly. My trusty gloves I took away last time that are around 8 years old, didn’t have that luxury so every time I went to use my phone I had to take my glove off. Brr! Ideally find ones that clip together so when you store them away they won’t get lost.


Obviously these aren’t actual ski or snowboard boots, these are snow boots or as I call them resort boots. Your trainers will not cut the mustard in a ski resort, sounds old fashioned but I’m all about being practical when you’re explore the towns. Icy paths and mounds of snow can make it tricky in just an average pair of shoes, so I’d always suggest getting some snow boots. The ones above are from Keen (a review coming soon) and they are very warm, comfy and stop you from slipping over!


Why would you not wear a helmet up the mountain? Let’s not get into that debate! But seriously I always wear a helmet. I’ve got both a Bern one and a Protec one.  Some have padded lining that you can change, meaning you can potentially have more warmth on your head. Best suggestion is basically to try lots on and see which feels right for you.


Make sure when looking for goggles you invest in ones that cater to low lighting. Without that on a white out day you’re going to really struggle. You seriously don’t need to spend the earth, I got my current pair from Decathlon for around £15.


Bobble hat is always in my ski backpack when I’m out for the day. When I stop for lunch I take my helmet off and pop my hat on. Great to have in the evenings when it is chilly outside and if you’re doing anything other than skiing outdoors. The one above is by Bogner from Harrods.


I don’t really know how I coped without my ski backpack! I love to have all my essentials in there. You may laugh but I take my travel pharmacy kit in there too. I’m fun but I am practical! I also take water and something to eat with me as well. The one above is by Patagonia as this brand probably one of the best for well made active products.


I have previously purchased the wrong socks before because they were cheap and my goodness you could tell. At the end of the day your feet/legs are doing all this hard work I want them to be comfy, warm and dry. Stance socks were amazing on my last trip, you could really tell the difference between those and a cheap pair I’d picked up. I’ve also tried Heat Holders which are really good as well, so either of those brands will keep your toasty.


Why do you need your phone? Well this goes in line with my travel pharmacy kit. I like to have it in case of an emergency. I will store the hotel number, tour guide (if there is one) and all those I’m travelling with. Often if I remember I’ll grab a taxi number too. I just like to make sure if anything should happen I am prepared and won’t get myself stuck.

Thermals and Base Layers

Can you tell I’m obsessed with these Sweaty Betty thermals?! Who wouldn’t be! As someone who skis a lot, it is quite rare thermals and base layers are fun. They tend to be block boring colours, but with these I’d just wear them as they were! But in all seriousness I will always, always layer up before I put my ski gear on. I’d rather have too much on than not enough, plus if I have my bag I’ll simply pop layers I don’t need into that. Often you won’t need all the layers because the weather will be beautiful, but base layers should be out on regardless.

You might be reading this thinking it is far too expensive to go away skiing or snowboarding, but honestly if you shop around it doesn’t have to be. Places like Decathlon, Aldi and TK Maxx make things a lot easier on the purse strings, but equally so once you do get into it and want to invest more you’ll discover some amazing brands… and some fun practical kit too! Have you been away skiing – what’s your skiing essential?

p.s if you like the items on the picture above they are all linked in their descriptions.