ds3 performance car

You may have spotted on my social channels, pictures of my husband and I driving about in a DS3 Performance. No, no this isn’t our new car, it was a very nice loan from the people at DS Automobiles for our, out of the blue/spontaneous/we need a break kinda trip. We were doing a City to Country trip in the UK in this DS3 Performance.

Our travel and trip schedule is normally something we plan months in advance. We have trips away but whatever adventure they are, they’re normally really well organised. This time we were spontaneous and rather disorganised! After both having a few bumpy days with various things we decided to throw caution to the wind and take a trip to Bristol. From there maybe look at going to visit our friends near Taunton. So guess what?! That is exactly what we did in the super stylish DS3 Performance.

We had nothing major planned until about a day or two before, when we frantically booked a hotel and announced our upcoming arrival to friends. We decided this nippy DS3 car needed to be driven to Bristol,  (via Northampton to buy our new car) then down towards Taunton to go see our best friends who moved there awhile ago. A city and countryside adventure was just the ticket.

Nick collected me from work with our cases all stacked in the boot. Both of us were surprised that this compact looking car could be so spacious. The seats were curved like those of a racing car, two cup holders (very important) a USB, parking sensors, and a built in SAT Nav – I was going to be content, and I was just the passenger!

First impressions the car looked compact but chic, with the vibrant red colour, fancy alloys and slick design. I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to feel like I was riding on a roller skate, but to my sheer shock it was really spacious. We were quite low to the ground with stiff suspension so you did feel most bumps in the road, but my gosh this car had a bite! It was swift and smooth making the long journey nice and easy. The seats were curved making it super comfortable for both driver and passenger, we didn’t have any backseat passengers so not quite sure how they were. Most important in my eyes was the fact we had two easy access cup holders and a usb point!

So off we went in the stylish DS3 Performance. As I say initially swinging into purchase a different Citroen car, then heading to Bristol for a night of just us. We hadn’t had a date in ages so we grabbed a late deal with Accor hotels and parked ourselves at Mercure Holland House for the night. I recall previously booking clients here when I worked at an events management company, but I had never stayed myself. It was nice and central and had a private car park for the DS3 Performance to nap for the night.

I haven’t been to Bristol in years, in fact I think it was when I worked at this events company I was there… Which was about 7 years ago! So here we were with our bags dropped off out for a drink around the river. It was a little chilly but a lovely area to be in. We actually decided to head to the pitcher & piano for a relaxing drink and to explore the shops, before going to a place that was both a bike shop and a restaurant! Yep bike shop below the Mud Dock Cafe! The dinner was exactly what we were looking for, then we departed and retired to the hotel bar for an overdue phone less chat!

It was a wonderful leisurely morning where we had a great lie in, before getting s spot of breakfast over looking the water. It was such a beautifully sunny morning too, and as much as we wanted continue time in Bristol, we needed to head to Taunton. So back to the hotel to pack up and go, the bags slide straight into the car and off we went!

After our city break we were now going to the countryside for catch ups with friends… and lots of dog walking! Our friends, Lucy & Jake moved from the East Midlands down to Somerset a good few months ago, but both Nick & I hadn’t had the chance to visit until now. Nick loves going cycling, and him and Jake used too all the time together, until Jake moved. Lucy used to be my body attack gym buddy and one of my fabulous bridesmaids, so getting to see them and my other friend and bridesmaid Tara, I knew we were in for a nice night away!

We kept it very chilled with long dog walks, local pub visiting and playing a game of skittles! Finally after our trip from city to country, we took our drive home. Nick enjoying the added perk of cruise control, me lapping up the comfy seats and taking full advantage by falling asleep the journey home!

It was so good to be spontaneous for once. I always love seeing new places in the UK but also revisiting so old faves. Do you ever do a random weekend away – just because?!