Even though I am little miss fitness myself, I can’t help but feel inspired by others – it’s human. Some days when I am suffering from serious DOMS, or I’ve not felt I’ve done my best, I can easily be uplifted by some fellow fitness influencers. So today I want to share with you 7 fitness influencers (all very different) that I reckon you need to be hitting follow, like or subscribe to. 

Kelly Roberts 

The original Miss Run Selfie Repeat is one of the most amazing girls I have met. This woman tells it how it is, she doesn’t care what people think, she goes out and smashes at running and speaks the truth. Plus Kelly is such a giggle, you will no doubt have seen her fantastic selfie bomb of Prince Harry?! Not many people can claim to have stopped running mid London Marathon to go take a selfie of themselves in front of the Royals. I also love following Kelly because she is ‘normal’. She likes to drink beer, she has off days, she has her highs and lows like normal human beings do! She makes you realise it’s okay not to be perfect at everything… Even though I admire her heaps for being so good at running! So if you want someone to make you laugh, and fist punch with girl power. Follow Kelly Roberts. 

Caithy Walker

I recall a few interactions with Caithy in the run up to her being shortlisted for Women’s Health Body of the year. Off the back of that, Caithy now writes a really informative fitness blog. She is just woman who loves fitness, especially running and it’s evident in all her social posts, but it isn’t just fitness it’s also fun stuff of Caithy being social with friends too. The most inspiring thing about Caithy is that she lives with an incurable degenerative disk disease of the spine, but still is so active – how can that not inspire you?


Susie Chan 


Susie. What about Susie? Goodness does this girl inspire. She is one of thee most down to earth people I have ever met. She literally does it all. She runs crazy endurance races, is here there and everywhere, juggles mother life, hubby, work and somehow squeezes in some epic training sessions. Susie is an awesome person… especially if you factor in those ridiculous distances she runs. Her social sharing is normally of her mid run, somehow always looking flawless whatever the challenge, but it is all real hard work. Like with Kelly Roberts, I met Susie for the first time doing the Berlin marathon, not knowing much about her. She casually dropped in that she likes running, then I soon realised who I’d be running with, sorry, running way behind! Regardless she is absolutely inspiring to follow. 

Carly Rowena 

I have met Carly before and for someone who is so popular, she is a pretty down to earth young lady. A body and a personality to aspire to have and be like, Carly also knows her fitness being a PT. She is the lady who gives you so much information about tailoring your gym work outs and cute snaps of her dog! I might be wrong but I tend to see Carly focus predominately on HIIT workouts than anything else. She does however do a number of other actives… Mainly heading out to stunning locations! She will however always post whilst she is away with her upbeat, bubbliness and show you what workouts she is doing when away. Carly is a lively girl and very unfazed by her popularity, meaning she feels more approachable and thus makes her far more appealing to follow. 

Sophie Radcliffe 

Challenge Sophie as she is more often known as, is my ‘not so secret’ blog aspiration. I would give my left arm to be where Sophie is. She is basically me, just more people know who she is! That’s why I like her! Haha. She takes fitness to a different level, because she isn’t specifically amazing in one area, she isn’t a professional, she essentially gives things a go and nails it in a number of areas. She goes biking in mountains, trail running in the snow and somehow, (whilst dealing with the challenging elements) looks awesome. So I kind of hate and love Sophie both at the same time… Hey, c’mon! A little green envy is good… Gives us a goal… Right?! Just kidding (sort of!) but seriously follow Sophie because she is bad ass, down to earth and full of the adventure we all wish we had. 




Em Sheldon 


Me and Em go way back in the early days of blogging when we were both managed by the same company. It was clear this girl was going places as she sailed straight past me in the blogger rankings, and just boomed from there. She has completely transformed herself and her blog and now I am nothing but envious of her fantastic legs and bum. Yes bum! She was even in the Daily Mail in a fabulous swim suit. She works hard at it but offers a twist to her blog in that she provides the complete lifestyle fitness package. Gorgeous photos and beautiful destinations – if any of my picks this one may cause you to go slightly green initially, but once you see what Em can do, where she goes and the graft she puts in… you’ll feel inspired. 




Kayla Itsnes


This was an obvious choice but this girl has worked wonders globally. Myself and Lucie from Lucie Loves went to a Kayla Itsnes Sweat Tour in London to have a go at her famous BBG (Bikini Body Guide) work out. If anyone can inspire it’s Kayla, and you’ll soon see why she is a global star in the fitness industry. She really knows her stuff as she trains with her handsome other half, and it’s no surprise (you’ll soon see) why over 10 million people worldwide love what she does. She also shares loads of her transformation clients giving you that extra boost to achieve your goals



There you go my dears, if you are needing some inspiration these women will certainly help you on their way. None have cut corners or feed you false ideas about their lifestyles. They work bloody hard, deal with real life, real problems and still come out on top. Trust me, if you need an inspiration boost…. get following. 


*all photos are from the various influencers social shares*