Tucked in amongst the Babin Kuk, Valamar Resorts, is the one and only atmospheric Dubrovnik hot spot, The Coral Beach Club. A place to relax in sheer luxe beach style, with king size loungers, ┬ácocktails flowing, tropical vibes and little VIP nooks away in the shade to get some down time. I had the pleasure of discovering this little gem on my second day in Dubrovnik, so on my third day (after experiencing an evening happy hour there) I decided to spend a different kind of day at the beach. A complete accident that I found it, but I loved it so much I’m sharing my Coral Beach Club experience.

Coral Beach Club Review

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Most people go to hire a king size sun lounger with it’s plush pillows and umbrella that rotate at various angles to help shade the sun from you. These will cost you 300 kuna for the day or a single for 180 kuna, (which is the equivalent of 40 euros) then most simply spend the day surrounded in this cute beach haven. These prices are very similar to those on Banje Beach in Old Town Dubrovnik. With that price your cushions and towels are also included. Ideally you’d go early to get a lounger, with the VIP spots available for booking in advance and at a higher price.

You’re probably wondering why wouldn’t you just spend a day for free at your hotel pool you might wonder? This certainly has a whole different ambience’s to it. It feels very chilled out, somewhat luxurious and exclusive, lots of comfortable seating, VIP areas you can book out, cocktails, great food, clean and well kept, plus very attentive and friendly staff. As much as I loved my hotel pool, this place completely raised the bar and gave a whole different twist to my holiday in Croatia.

If you don’t want to hire a lounger, you could simply head over for a snack at the bar, have some food (didn’t have any but it looked absolutely amazing), or indulge in a massage. The massages (as you’ll see in the photo below) are very reasonable as the hotel spas were all much more pricey. You can also hire out paddle boards, jet skis or just head along the pontoon and dive straight into the beautiful blue sea. You sunbathe nude, or take food in with you, although we took in a big bottle of water and I noticed most people did that too. You can have food there, but we went back to our hotel for lunch and a bit of a break from the sun. I have heard amazing reviews of the food – plus it smelt amazing.

Everything is close by so if you are wanting something a little different for a day at the beach, I’d highly recommend. We’d spent one of our days entirely racing around Dubrovnik Old Town, so decided to hit the Coral Beach Club happy hour, this is from 5pm – 6pm. It’s located in the Deep Into The Sunset area, where you’ll find a DJ playing some tropical chill out. Totally setting the scene for the wind down of the day, in front of the sun set. This was possibly one of my favourite parts of my Coral Beach Club experience. DJs do play throughout the day as well, so don’t worry if you don’t stick around for the evening portion of the beach club, you’ll still hear those holiday beats.

Lots of people asked me if there were lots of children at the beach, in the early portion of the day, yes, but all children were extremely well behaved. If you do have children you’ll pleased to know the area you can swim is sectioned off. I don’t believe there is any sort of dress code, but from what I could see is that most people were well dressed in their casual beach wear. As I say the place has this fashionable chic vibe, so if you want somewhere trendy, lively, great for groups, and the ideal spot for sea views and sunsets, then you have got to pop down the Coral Beach Club.