overnight oats

Who loves breakfast? I love breakfast! Today I’m sharing one of my favourite adapted recipes – overnight oats with a walnut twist. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. If you know me you’ll certainly know I love breakfast and one thing in particular – overnight oats. The best thing I discovered a year or so ago to make my breakfast routine so much better.

A lot of issue people tend to have with breakfast as they aren’t prepared. Honestly this takes hardly any time and it makes breakfast far more enjoyable. Probably 5 minutes if that? So have your dinner, clean up then do your overnight oats, then chill. Simple.

Anyways so with this recipe in particular, it includes chopped up walnuts which I didn’t always add until recently. I have totally expanded this and basically had fun with fruit I use. It’s basically my ‘go to’ breakfast on days I train a lot or just down fancy a smoothie or a shake. I’m hungry just typing about it!

Let’s get to work what do you need?

1 cup of Oats

200ml of almond or rice milk unsweetenend

2 tablespoons of area protein yogurt

1 tablespoon of chia seed

1 teaspoon of sweet freedom fruit syrup

handful of blueberries

half a chopped banana

1/2 cup of chopped walnuts*


Measure out 1 cup of oats and pop it into a bowl.  Next add your yogurt, followed by your milk. Mix it all together. Then add your chia seed and chopped up walnuts and stir again.

It’s a personal preference but I like to add in my teaspoon of fruit syrup at this stage along with my chopped up fruit. Again mixing it all together.

Finally I cover up my bowl and pop it in the fridge over night.  In the morning I take it out the fridge and normally I was sprinkle chopped up walnuts on top and also a few extra blueberries. Then ta-da a breakfast fit for a king, and one that is super healthy and tasty, not to mention will 100% keep you going until lunch.

You can add all sorts of extras and have fun with this type of breakfast. I’ve tried different kinds of nuts but I particularly love chopped up walnuts because of their numerous health benefits. To find out more about recipes with walnuts have a look California Walnuts (those who gifted my walnuts)

1.     Helps keep your heart healthy

2.     Boosts your energy

3.     Packed with plant-based Omega-3s

4.     Protects your natural defences

5.     Helps keep tiredness at bay

6.     Supports brain function and vision

7.     Helps keep your skin and hair nourished

8.     Helps to keep your bones and teeth healthy

9.     Packed with good fats

10.  Nutritious snack

There you go! My recipe for my most favourite meal of the day and one of my top breakfast recipes. This is my go-to when I have a hard training day ahead, or if I am particularly hungry for something and want to keep going. Have you tried overnight oats before?