Clif bars are a brand based in San Francisco that has become a global success. Aimed at the adventurous and active people in the world, they’ve designed products to cater to those tough endurance sports to give participants the energy they need to achieve their goal. I had the pleasure of going to my first Clif Bar meet up for Ride London a few weeks ago, I had a lot of time to chat to the team and find out more about the sorts of products they make.


When I did the Berlin Marathon I seriously struggled with my intake of nutrition. Big time. So much so afterwards I was super poorly. My tummy reacted badly to the gels I’d had, I’d just been consuming gels rather than other kinds of energy options. The beauty of Clif (and something I totally want to try in my next marathon) is the variety I essentially have to play with.


Clif Bar – The Classic


This is possibly the item that Clif Bar makes that you have tried, heard about or seen in shops. This is there main reason for being here and it’s their amazing flapjack style bar. There are numerous flavours now with the latest addition chocolate and mint chip. There is white chocolate macadamia, crunchy peanut butter chocolate almond fudge, coconut chocolate chip, blueberry crisp and oatmeal raisin walnut. So quite a nice selection. I personally find these great for numerous activities, main reason is because I like to actual have something to chew. Sounds weird but just having gels doesn’t satisfy me, I need to go through the eating motions. All of these bars are made with organic rolled oats, they are packed with vitamin B6 and B12 for that surge of engery and they are fantastic source of fibre and proven – all the things you need to keep on going!


Clif Shot – The Gel

Uh oh that gel word! No, no don’t panic this is leaps and bounds different from whatever sugary crap I was gulping on my marathon. This Clif bar gel is very different and comes in a good range of flavours! Gels are chocolate, citrus, razz, mocha and double espresso and come in around the 380cal mark. Personally I don’t always like to use gels in fact it’s my husband who uses these the most for his time trials and longer distance triathlons. Gels are a great source of carbohydrates for athletes basically on the go, fantastic for when you’re doing long distance running as they are super easy to consume.

Clif Bloks – The Forward Thinker

Personally this one is my favourite. This is a game changer for me and my training. This is cubed blocks of gel basically! Like the sort of constancy you’d look to get from a jelly baby, this Clif Blok has so much goodness in it, comes in different flavours and replenishes lost salt. I absolutely love it because it will now become my go to on any long distance runs and my triathlons. I managed to try each flavour at Ride London, but I must admit the margarita flavour – which is the one to restore all those lost salts. It best eaten 15 minutes prior to activity to increase those blood sugar levels. There is mountain berry, strawberry, tropical punch, black cherry and the margarita flavour. You are looking at about 90cals per 3 cubes, which I’ve found great whilst training. Clif Shot bloks are ideal for triathletes and general adventure seekers as its for performance orientated athletes.

Hopefully this has given you a good break down of what these products are from Clif. I am currently using each for my upcoming triathlon and also my great south run. I’ll be posting about using these whilst training to give you a better athlete overview.