I have the Great South run coming up and even though I’m active I haven’t run a fair distance since I did the Berlin Marathon, which was back in 2015. I learnt a lot running long distances after that race – mainly everything I would do differently!

I only had 7 weeks training with my collaboration with adidas and I all I can say is that it was tough. I also learnt my body can’t get on with gels no matter how much I try. Sorry to get graphic but my body was in so much shock after the race I was sick from both ends basically, and the gels I used basically didn’t help me whatsoever. I vowed after that race to really research into taking in good, nutritional training aids, rather than anything that was merely full of sugar to give a short term boost. So for this Great South Run, I’m using the Clif Bar Products I previously spoke about in my other post. Teamed with their great ingredients and organic, healthy content I should be headed on the right track to getting this race nutrition spot on.

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I’m particularly loving the Clif Bloks. They have been one of the best discoveries for me in all aspects of my training. As I say, my body just cannot seem to get on board with gels, so I needed to find something else that would provide that energy like a gel would, without being a gel in consistency. After how bad my body was after using them so much during my marathon training, and having such a bad reaction, I knew I needed to find an alternative and Clif Bloks have filled that void. They come in mountain berry, strawberry, tropical punch, black berry and margarita flavour, so you’re never bored and they aren’t over powering and sweet like many of the gels on the market.

In regards to my training and why I use nutrition to help me, is that I don’t just do standard road running, I also include some trails in my training. I get rather bored of constantly pounding the pavement, I find it a bit of a chore; I perhaps don’t work as hard too, so going off on an trail route really breaks it up and helps eliminate boredom.

Alongside my running I always like to throw in other low impact training, things like an easy bike ride or perhaps a long hike, I find that it helps my body recover better from the repetitive nature of a run.  For those sorts of low impact endurance activities, I’ll always have one of the Clif Bars classics – I love them all the flavours. They really help keep you going! I don’t use these for the sort of running I’m doing, as I find it difficult to eat, breathe and run! I just can’t seem to master it like some others can.

I do think that’s why I’m currently getting on so well with the Clif Bloks, because you don’t need to chew them and they are already segmented so you can have as much or as little as you need. My triathlon club uses them and everyone in the club I’ve spoken to absolutely loves them. Fingers crossed that with my longer distance race, this time I won’t be getting poorly from badly planned nutrition intake.