I cannot believe Autumn is here! Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly love the feeling of the summer sun, but nothing beatS the colours of the Autumn leaves, the wardrobe change and of course those crisp mornings. Gosh, I love Autumn. The problem with Autumn is that sometimes we find it hard to migrate from summer fitness routine, to the Autumn and late year one. Many people are fine and  simply switch to the gym, but for those who hate the gym, (personally I’d rather be outside) it can be quite a hard thing to fathom out. 


Seasons will always change and so weather is obviously going to differ…. especially if you live in the UK! It can suck I know, going from sunny bright mornings, to dark chilly ones. It’s hard to pull yourself out of bed to go for a run, so what can you do about it? Change it! I love a good early morning workout session so if you do as well, here is how to fix it. If you like a morning run then mix it up and do something different in like perhaps do a HIIT session. Ideally do some sort of a home workout, as that way you are eliminating the effort you need to make to do it. Whatever it is, change it straight away. Draw yourself a new time table and get thinking. 


I always need a challenge to pull me through the colder months. I know Autumn time tends to be relatively warm until it starts to seed into winter, but having a challenge can seriously motivate you. If you don’t like doing marathons – don’t worry! Perhaps start with a 5k run? Maybe look at a big swim? What about some sort of hike? Whatever it is, get in your diary and book it! Ideally chose something for the start of the following years. Don’t leave a huge gap as there will be the temptation to put it off. Another idea is to do quite a few small challenges and build up. Regardless, the feeling of not succeeding should spur you on to keep focused whatever the day holds. 


Ditch old kit. Sounds silly but getting rid of your old well used workout gear is really therapeutic. It also justifies buying new – yay! Having new sports gear and workout wear can make you feel amazing. I love it and there are so many companies now offering a wide range of options. My kit in these photos is from Acai Activewear*.  Start stocking up on some practical pieces too, so if you’re a runner start getting some layers in. 

Top | Acai Activewear Fashion Vest* Leggings |  Acai Activewear Berry Compression Capri Leggings* Sports Bra | Acai Activewear Berry Sports Bra* Trainers | New Balance Vazee


Don’t be too hard on yourself. For example if you’ve had a hard summer season training it is really important to take some time off. I’m not saying stop being active altogether, I’m saying take a step back from your chosen sport or activity and do something else. For example if you run loads perhaps switch to swimming? You don’t even need to do something really sporty, look at doing more walking/hiking or inline skating, taking up snowboarding so going to the dry slope ready for winter, or you could even try a new dance class? Giving yourself a break is super important – even big athletes take a break to do something different out of race season. 

I’m currently sorting my timetable out for Autumn,  I always need something to keep me focused. Treat it like we’ve landed in a new year and we’re starting fresh… now get planning your activities for the last part of the year.