Running to music is a bit like marmite, either you love it or you hate it. I do a bit of both. Sometimes I want to switch off and get a good rhythm to run to, other times I’m quite happy with my own thoughts. A lot of people really do find it such a pleasurable experience listening to their favourite tunes as the pound the pavement, or find that perfect ‘push through it’ song as they trail run up uneven hills.

So today I’m going to share my favourite tracks to run to and give you some tips and advice on running well with it.

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A lot of people think that running with music is a distraction, which it can, good and bad. Some believe it can throw how you run and yes it can, this is because sometimes we’ll start running to a really fast ‘fist punch’ style track and you can essentially go too hard. Whilst I have fallen into that trap before because I’m completely absorbed in my music, I have found a few loops holes.

Hello, Spotify! I actually pay for premium so I don’t get the adverts cutting in, and that is £9.99 a month. You can even download music to play offline so you don’t need to rinse your data. I’ve created so many playlists to help me exercise well. What I’m getting at is that they also have a specific exercise playlists, so if you go for the run option, it’ll ask you to start running and then it’ll pick up how many bpm you’re going at. Pretty cool right? It’s a bit luck of the draw because sometimes I’ve got songs I don’t like so I’ve just skipped them, but for a happy balance between music and still getting your running going it’s fantastic.

You also have the option of purchasing a specific running album. I believe ministry of sound do a few you can buy on iTunes. They often have music that caters to how fast your run, so it could be worth checking out that option if you’re not keen on Spotify.

For me? I use Spotify because I have such a eclectic taste in music, I might fancy some foo fighters, then I might fancy a bit of house music or I even might want a bit of old skool hip hop. Who knows!

Below are my favourite running tracks, you are more than welcome to come find me on Spotify and check out some of my playlists.

One of my favourites is this mixture, now admittedly the BPM is all over the shop, but with my fitness watch I can keep track of my splits so I don’t fluctuate in speed to much. The moral of the story do what works for you, just run happy.