I really used to hate running – I admit that fully. I would find that boredom would set in and quite frankly when ‘run’ popped up on my training plan, I’d dread it. Most people would find alternative exercises or simply ditch it completely, but when you do triathlons, you sort of have too. I needed a serious dose of ‘man-up’. 

I started to break down what the problem was, it didn’t appear to be the distance as I knew I could run up a marathon distance, but I preferred up to half marathons. I’d only do distances I liked – so that wasn’t it. I can run with or without music too, totally depends on my mood – so that wasn’t it either. It was road running. I found it boring. I would hate running along the housing estates near me, the routes would be tedious, everything about it, quite frankly, sucked. That’s when I started trail running. 

Like most aspects of sport in my life, my husband got me into trail running. I was ridiculously anxious before hand after have two ACL knee operations and dealing with uneven/rocky surfaces. However the more I did, the more I loved it. Core stability improved, along with stamina and my goodness my leg and ankle strength improved so much. 

I started off easy and built from there, and if you’re looking to give it a go then do as I did. Start with the paths near a canal or a local reservoir, these tend to be a bit different in surface and will help put you on the right track. The more confident you get the more you can add on. Near the back of my house is an extremely rocky path, I find I have to concentrate running along here more than most, mainly because if I get ahead of myself and run without thinking, I could go over on my ankle. Not something a runner wants to do. 

Outfit from MAndMDirect Tank Top* | Running Shorts* | Trail Running Trainers* | New Balance Sports Bra

I would strongly suggest good trail running trainers, there is nothing worse than attempting some off road running in your minimalist trainers. That is a recipe for disaster. I have a number but have actually got on best with the range from New Balance. I also tend to wear shorts when I trail run, I actually hate my legs and find that if I’m running in a forest and out of the public eye, I sort of don’t care what I look like! With this outfit I’m wearing I’m actually really comfortable too. 

If you are moving away from road running to a bit of trail then I’d strongly suggest to do what is comfortable for you. Going to hard to quickly can really shake your confidence if you catch something, or stumble slightly – I have been there myself! You may find you have a new passion and want to develop further. Check out The Trail Running Association for races in your area, I do an off road duathlon to shake up my triathlon season, can’t beat Sherwood Pines off road running! 

Do you go trail running or is something you’d like to get into?