Berghause trail 50

Summer may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the great outdoors with a spot of camping or a bit of a hike somewhere! About a month ago I took my new Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack (designed for women), out for a test. I don’t tend to use a big rucksack when I go camping or anything, as most things get piled up in the car and to be honest I was well overdue for some camping organisation. Therefore it was well over-due for me to get organised, and thankfully it has been solved with the Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack.

This bag is very spacious as you can imagine, the outside is thick and durable, but also waterproof – ideal for the hit and miss British weather! There are numerous toggles and pockets that make packing really easy, but the best part for me is the waterproof cover that packs away in the top pocket. This waterproof cover adds to the Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack, and is exactly what you would be needing in a bag like this, especially if you’re an outdoors, adventure-seeker just like me.

Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack
Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack*

I thought it might be a bit uncomfortable to wear because of its size. However, this rucksack has a waist strap to keep you nipped in and balanced, regardless of weight. The back is supportive and adjusts to fit you and your size – all very important especially if you’re not just camping and you’re going on a hike. It is the perfect companion for multiday backpacking as it’s simple but comfortable – two key elements you really need when you’re going to be on the go.

This particular rucksack features the Berghaus premium BIOFIT back system which fits to your needs. This is made up of a height adjustable chest strap, pre-curved hip belt, which helps weight distribution as mentioned. It also has the pockets for your bottles, a place for walking poles and a pocket on the lid for ease of access for things like maps, mobiles, cameras etc. I’m a big fan of the fact this rucksack is hydration system compatible – really important if you are on a hike all day.  It weighs around 1.5kg, so it’s ideal.

Overall I think this Berghaus trailhead 50 rucksack is amazing. I’m especially looking forward to taking it to Scotland with me in a few weeks, but then again in the summer for festival season. I’ve used Berghaus products for years, in fact, my first ski jacket was Berghaus! The best thing is that Berghaus offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, so when a company offers that, you know they are sure of the quality and durability of what they sell.  Big thumbs up from me!