healthy unicorn toast

How can you make healthy unicorn toast? So you’ve seen the tweets, you’ve looked at the Instagram snaps, and now you want to create your own healthy unicorn toast? Well, you can either make the sugary version, or you can remain as colourful as a unicorn, but make it healthy. Let’s make healthy unicorn toast. I took part in a big campaign with the Federation of Bakers, spreading the word that bread is not bad, in fact as part of a healthy diet, it’s great! As part of that, I went to a pop-up Toast or Hands cafe where they were giving away healthy unicorn toast. But what is this unicorn toast exactly? Well, how I make it is with low-fat cream cheese and natural colourings – ultimately making it fun, colourful and most importantly – healthy!

I love to make my own bread so I used one of my homemade loaves for this, however, a tasty bit of sliced wholemeal will work just the same. Firstly you want to pop a tablespoon or two of your low-fat cream cheese into a ramekin dish, like the ones I’ve used above. Now if you want to, you can simply use food colourings, however, I decided to give natural dyes ago by creating my own.

Pink: I’ve used freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries, however also dried with beetroot juice and blended beetroot. Obviously, the berry combination makes it that little bit sweeter.

Yellow: This one I found the hardest but I just got myself some turmeric powder from the health food shop – you don’t need much or it will turn very orange.

Green: I used powdered spirulina that is a great source of protein. Some use this as a blue colour, but I found my paste went green very quickly! I found blue very hard to create.

Purple: You can use fresh blueberries and grind them down, or if you want some freeze-dried blueberry powder like I used. Again got this from a health food shop.

healthy unicorn toast pictures

how to make unicorn toast healthy

After I’d mixed everything, and trust me I didn’t get this perfect the first time around, I diagonally spread the cream cheese onto my bread. I then sprinkled chopped up walnuts on top, or if you’re still wanting something a little naughty, go for those fairy cake sprinkles! I have also toasted my bread and created unicorn toast too – which makes a great post-breakfast snack.

Fancy giving healthy unicorn toast a go yourself?