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Sweaty Betty AW17


A colourful welcome to Autumn! Can’t believe it’s here, but I’m truly glad it is because I can now completely update my wardrobe! I am a fan of Sweaty Betty but especially love it when a new season drops. Autumn inevitably in any collection, will have deep maroon tones and dark greys, but Sweaty Betty seems to have exceeded themselves this time.  Loving the smart colour combinations, unique strap design, and of course great use of patterns across the board.

Bra |  Sweaty Betty is great at making sports bras exciting. Big fan goes the crisscross detail on this particular garment.

Leggings | This pattern reminds me of a Keane album cover. Not a fan of the band but loving the similarity in the artwork. Leggings and Sweaty Betty always top of their game.

Gym bag | A big gym bag with a wet compartment at the bottom. Nice size to get all your stuff together for a swim session or workout.

Body warmer | I am adoring this beautiful teal colour, with something that is maroon will look awesome, not to mention keep you warm!

Yoga mat bag | I am so needing a new yoga mat, but can’t seem to find one I like. The ones that come in a little bag to keep them all clean and safe are my favourites – also makes it easy to carry.

Swimsuit | My quest to find a decent swimsuit I can actually train in is ongoing. Never tried Sweaty Betty before so I’d be interested to see how supportive it is.

Hat | Not quite up to bobble hat stage but I know it soon will, normally end of October, the start of November it’s time to embrace a wool hat!

Trainer Socks | Well, your socks have got to match the colour palette!

Top | Whilst it is great to have lots of fun pattern tops, it can restrict what you wear on the bottom so having a simple plain t-shirt is an essential addition.

Shorts | These shorts do ALL the talking, I don’t really need to say much more, but gosh would they jazz up any Autumn run!

The great thing about Sweaty Betty is its sort of practical activewear. I would wear most things for casual wear as well. They have done quite a few nice knitted jumpers and quilted coats this season. What do you think of Sweaty Betty’s AW17?


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