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Where does the weekend go? Seriously, Friday evening hits and before you know it your tucked up in bed Sunday night, wondering where the devil those two days of freedom went. I often find I’m so organised in the weekend but it goes to pot at the weekend. So how can you get the most of your weekend? I’ve come to realise after years of frustration, it’s all about time management.

Firstly I actually treat the weekend like I would any day in the week, I get up at 8am, let the dog out, make her breakfast, make the coffee, and get myself showered. Sometimes if I end up waking up at 7am and doing all my normal chores earlier, I might return to bed for an hour with Women’s Health magazine and the dog to curl up with me. I don’t really do lie ins because I’ve found that I hate myself for wasting the day.

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I take time in my weekday evenings planning my weekend, so if I need to do certain tasks, like pop into town, do a food shop or get the hairdressers, I can plan the times accordingly. I try my best to do every ‘chore’ as early as possible because that then leaves the day open, there is nothing worse than having your day completely split up with appointments here, there and everywhere. You find you’ll have done your jobs and then it’ll be 3pm and the things you actually want to do, have been pushed further back.

I always have so much I love to do at the weekend, one is the dog walks in particular. With my injured foot I’m still allowed to walk and right now it’s my favourite exercise. Nothing feels better than the fresh air, plus the puppy gets worn out, so if I do need to do anything in the home she will be fast asleep rather than under my feet. Take time to give yourself some exercise rather than being stuck housebound, you’ll feel so much better for it.

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Don’t get me wrong some weekends you just need to relax, and I completely agree, there always needs to be a big element of that at a weekend. If you don’t relax at the weekend, you’ll be back at your desk on Monday feeling completely exhausted, and so you’re back to square one. That happens particularly with things like weekends away or if you’re going out drinking – you lose the weekend. Like I say, I try my best to get up early to get things done, I’d actually rather have an afternoon nap, curled up on the sofa with the dog watching a film, than have a lie in.

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Saturdays tend to be my ‘do’ days, where I’ll get those out of the house jobs done first, I’ll then perhaps see friends and finally either relax at home later or go out. I hardly go out, out, these days and come Autumn and Winter, like a hedgehog I hibernate a touch. Sundays are my house days, the tasks that need doing in the home. This weekend we’ve been painting our kitchen and using a carpet cleaner, I like to get the house all clean and tidy for the week a head. If I can I’ll clean on a Friday evening so that if we have guests pop over during the weekend the house is ready.

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The moral of the story, and something that has taken me years to perfect, is plan your weekend. Always give yourself those spontaneous unplanned weekends every so often, but to get a satisfying well spent weekend, you have got to plan your time. Trust me getting up as you would in the week will make you far more productive. It will ultimately boost your mood this time of year, as you’ll be up when it’s lightest, and not working into when the sun goes down at 4.30pm. Feel good on Monday by getting the most out of your weekend.