We all try eat well and do what exercise we can, but do we do enough relaxing? I sat down the other day and picked up a book and it dawned on me, it was the first time I’d taken the time to sit and relax in quite sometime. I never give myself any relaxing time anymore, but it should be just as important as eating healthy and doing exercise. However, relaxing helps the body catch up with itself and recover properly, both physically and mentally.

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I used to do back to back fitness classes and cram in whatever exercise I could, I’d hardly stop and recover so I’d find I’d get rundown easily when it got too much, or worse I’d injure myself. Bringing you up to date, I have plantar facitis, which basically means I can’t go running at the moment. My doctor has forced me to stop any high impact training as well, but I’m allowed to cycle and swim. Years ago I would of had a right paddy, but I know if I don’t nip this in the bud it can cause far more damage, so I’m embracing the time out. I’m going to be going to yoga again which I’m looking forward to, but more importantly it provides a spiritual relaxing aspect, something that I’ve not been getting from anything else. After I booked in my first session it suddenly dawned on me, how little relaxing I actually do.

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We sometimes stop to watch TV or read a magazine briefly, but do you spend a good half an hour or so completely switching off? I sure don’t, I’ll have a sporadic 15 minutes but I can always find something else I should be doing that distracts me. I decided after I’d injured my foot I really  needed some time to switch off. I now have 30minutes everyday scheduled in, seems silly that I have to schedule in relaxation time, but if I don’t book specific time in I’ll never do it.

What do I do to relax then? I do a number of things depending on time of day. I love doing my nails or having a good face mask whilst I read a good book. I sometimes take a long bath or even do a bit of meditation. Now, meditation is something I’m slowly introducing myself to, it’s been hard because my mind is so active, I’m having to teach myself to be able to switch off completely. I have loungewear items to change into, for some reason I don’t relax well whilst I’m still in my work attire.

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Why is relaxing good for your health? It’s because it’s good for your body for recovery, but also you mind. It honestly has made me feel so much better, somewhat more focused since dedicating some time each day. I know some days won’t be as flexible, but even if I can only give myself 10 minutes a day, I’ll always take those 10 minutes. I’m a naturally anxious person, I get things blown out of proportion in all aspects of my life, these are escalated when I’m tired or run down. By allowing my mind to have some relaxing time for itself is one of the best things I’ve recently introduced. Do you spend any time relaxing?