So shape UK reviewFinally, here is my So Shape review, a month on – what’s it really like, is it worth it?? Firstly let me tell you about what So Shape actually is. A French company that’s landed in the Uk, which is essentially a meal replacement program. Whilst I find many pros and cons to all meal replacement products, I was actually eager to give So Shape a try to see if this French brand new their stuff. The communications between myself and the company were very transparent, and more importantly I loved their mentality – so I decided to guinea pig myself out. So, let me put my cards on the table, I get approached by meal replacement and supplement companies pretty much on a daily basis, I don’t touch any with a barge pole, since in my early days, (I was rather naive and embraced everything) but So shape stood out to me. I liked their attitude and their way of thinking. They just wanted me to give a real honest review.

So Shape is similar to that of slim fast in the sense of replacing one of your meals with a shake or a food source. You could have a breakfast shake, then either has your dinner or lunch in shake form, but whichever one you didn’t choose, that would be with a good well-balanced meal. I love my dinner so I opted for a shake or meal replacement at lunchtimes instead. I was apprehensive about taking part in So Shape because I am never sure how these things really work for those of us who are active. A shake or a meal would be only around 200 calorie mark. As I walk to and from work, and cycle to and from home at lunch to sort the dog out and walk the dog, (not even taking into any training sessions) that is not a lot. Luckily, or not so lucky on my part, I injured my foot so I’ve not been able to run, so that stopped a lot of my other additional activities.

UK so shape shakes

I promised myself I’d be nice and open-minded about the whole thing, and when my box arrived to cater to my diet for the next month I began to look at what I’d signed up for. Their product is formed of three challenges for 5 days, 14 days or 28 days, I was going for the 28 day challenge. The first thing that really baffled me was the amount of plastic and packaging to send these small packets. I know that’s not about the product itself, but I personally feel quite strongly about over use of plastic materials, and even those they were nicely laid out in their plastic trays, it was too much. That is something I’ll feedback to them about. With your packets you get instructions/support and a water bottle to put your shakes in. The print on the bottle does start to come off I found.

So Shape!

The package is very instagram chic in these pyramid sachets with different colours and writing in French. That’ll come as no surprise because it’s a French company. Unlike other meal replacements, with So Shape there are a range of 22 gourmet flavours. The problem with other meal replacements is the lack of choice,  you’ll normally only get a strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and a banana if that, so there is plenty to keep you interested. Thumbs up to start with. I particularly like the chocolate cookie and the chocolate mint flavours for my breakfast, but I chose a nice wide range to keep me interested. I quickly discovered I had my favourites!

diet so shape

So I must admit I was perplexed about what or how much I could eat in between this meals because less than 1000kcals a day was bothering me. I need enough because as I say, I’m an active girl. I need more than that a day! So they give you this little guide when you get your packets, with what you can eat in-between meals. I must admit I found this difficult because it was basically meat, veg or protein with little else. I like a bit of variety for snacking and I just found this hard, but I knew with me drinking more water, perhaps I wouldn’t get such a craving for it? I won’t lie I struggled with that and often I wasn’t able to stop in my office to create some eggs or make something with those specific items. In the end I just ate chicken breast pieces, and chopped up peppers.

Does so shape work

Regardless of my worries, I decided this needed to be tested properly so for the next 28 days this was my diet plan. I had chosen my flavours and I was ready to go. Day 1 with my So Shape bottle at the ready, I filled it to 300ml of water and empty the first powder of biscuit flavour in. I shook vigorously and waited for a few minutes for it to settle before doing it again. I sipped and immediately got shake on my nose because of the opening flap would rest on my nose – something that became a daily thing! To my surprise it was far more pleasant than I’d anticipated, I also didn’t find it as sweet as other shakes. It was actually really quite nice, and bizarrely filling. The problem I found was that it didn’t mix all to well each time, sometimes towards the end I would get a cluster of unmixed powder.

flavours So Shape

flavours of so shape

uk so shape

I found snacking hard work, so for me, I upped my water count and tried to embrace that. I then snacked on veg when I felt peckish. Luckily for me at that that time, I wasn’t training but because my work was busy, so I didn’t find time to dwell on lack of eating. Lunches were different. Again a nice wide range, but 28 days on them wasn’t all that fun, and I certainly found that I had my favourites. The pastas were quite tasty, but didn’t look very appealing. I found making them increasingly difficult, as no matter what I did they would always look Rather unappetising. It just didn’t mix well so it was constantly gloopy, you may have spotted my instagram stories on the first lunch experience!

I learnt that the soups were my least favourite option, I found it far too thick and lumpy, so I hated lunch times when these were involved. As I say the pastas were quite nice and certainly filling, but the mixing/creation never looked to pleasing to the eye – actually something I noticed with all the shakes and lunches, they just didn’t look like they were going to be tasty.

so shape

For me, 28 days was that bit too long. I found grazing inbetween meals a tricky task, and after a while of  consuming the lunches without feeling fully statisfied, I started to resent it. I definitely feel the shorter lengths are better, especially for me I’d feel better doing the So Shape plan for less time. Did I lose weight? Yes with the significant decrease in calories, yes I did. The contents of these products are very transparent and are found in your instruction book – hence why I took part, but there are just a few things that need ironing out, but I’d happily have some of the morning shakes again. However, I genuinely enjoyed the breakfast especially when I was frantically busy and hadn’t got time to make something else. But in all seriousness, if you want to find a way to curb your eating habits, need something that is easy to transport and set yourself on track beyond a ‘diet’, this would be a good starting point.

If you’re interested in finding out more please do head over to the So Shape website.

*Collaboration with So Shape*