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Travel and fitness can quite easily go hand in hand if you select the right destination. Whether you want a hiking and biking trip, a destination full of water sports, or maybe even a ski trip, whatever it is there is definitely somewhere you could travel to so you don’t have to settle here in the UK to do it. So, the other week Jet2 got in touch to send me a gift box full of things for a fitness blogger to indulge in, and it got me thinking about destinations you can travel to to still be active, and in this case, with Jet2!

Jet2 is affordable and they offer both package holidays and stand alone flights. We flew with them to Croatia, and as a frequent flyer I found the experience really good, which I’ll be honest I was surprised at. A lot of ‘affordable’ airlines can sometimes miss the customer service aspect, but everything we experienced was great and afterwards we said we’d fly with them again. So where are my top 5 active places that Jet2 fly to?

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Croatia |

I was obviously going to tell you about Croatia! I went for the first time back in June with Jet2, where we flew from East Midlands direct to Dubrovnik airport. We actually stayed in Babin Kuk near to Old Town Dubrovnik, which was amazing because you weren’t near where all the cruise ships docked but could still see all the action. We did sea kayaking here, went running up the hills, hiking and also went snorkelling – you honestly can’t not be active in this place! It’s stunning too as it is rather unspoilt by commercial, a fantastic destination for activities, history and of course, sunshine!

Lanzarote |

One of the canary islands and a very good contender for a little bit of Winter sun too! Lanzarote is great for many things but it actually plays host to Club La Santa, which is a paradise for those who love to be active! It has a timetable of daily activities such as fitness classes and group activities, but they also have the best road bikes, tennis courts, fitness equipment and water sports options too. If you need some down time there is also the spa and wellness centre… or one of the gorgeous Lanzarote beaches!

Copenhagen |

I’ve never been here but I’d heard about a yoga festival I think would make a great active trip. It’s the Move Copenhagen festival which not only includes yoga but you can have a go at parkour, slackline, acroyoga and also lectures too. It’s outdoors and you can explore the amazing place that is Copenhagen too!

Geneva |

Having finally been in Geneva and seen it rather than just seeing the airport, I can tell you, it’s good! So if you can do see it. However, Geneva tends to be the hub point to get to… ski resorts! It will always be a bit of a trek from this airport but it’s the best one to fly into to get to some of the best places. My personal favourite? Val d’sere of course! You can ski the Espace Killy and get over to the Tignes resort.

New York |

Yep. Jet2 fly to New York! I nearly died when I discovered this because I’ve always wanted to go but flight prices are normally ridiculous. Jet2 makes it that bit more feasible. Obviously if you had a fitness tracker and do heaps of sight seeing you’ll be hitting that 10k step count in no time, but if you seek something a bit more, you can go to Long Beach for the NY Fit Fest. This is crammed full of activities!

With affordable flights you can seriously do some amazing activities abroad! It’s just about planning and getting to do something awesome when you travel. Have you got anywhere you think should be listed?