I don’t tend to really write about theatre or my love of musicals, but ever since I was little I would sing and dance with my Mum and Grandad. I dreamt of being Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, or I’d pretend I was part of the Von Trapp family in Sound of Music, I adored the feeling those films gave, and still give me. My Mum introduced me to musicals from an early age and often instead of presents for birthdays she would take me to a show. I’ll be honest I’m very commercial in terms of theatre shows I’ll see, I stick to what I know and sort of opt for the musical textbook.

Now, as you know I’m big on travel and I actually often find myself in London, I spend so much time there, but sometimes have time to kill in the evenings or have a mid-day lull. That is why I try to catch a London musical in some form whenever I can. I’ve decided after getting to see Aladdin last month I’d list my top 5 musical shows to see in London for 2018, in no particular order, some I’ve seen and some I want to see. Going to London and seeing a musical – it’s a must.


The latest addition to my musicals that I’ve had a chance to see is Aladdin. When this launch in May 2015 in London, I was ridiculously excited to see it but never had the chance. Nick has managed to catch the show whilst in New York on Broadway and was sure I’d love it, so he queued in the morning at 10 am to get last minute tickets for a show that evening. We managed to get two tickets for  £50 instead of £75 each, so that is 100% something I’d recommend if you fancy a spontaneous theatre trip like us! It is always hard with a theatre adaptation of a film, especially Disney, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. The set design was absolutely incredible – such a large amount of colour and detail – utterly incredible and one to go and see! It was more of a visual delight for the eyes for me, especially when you see the magic carpet fly…

Mamma Mia

One of my favourites in every way possible. I just love all the songs from Abba making it is such an upbeat and happy musical. I’ve heard there is even a Mamma Mia 2 film coming out next summer in the cinema, so hopefully that will drive more people to go and watch the stage adaptation of the original! This was the perfect theatre trip for Mum and I, we both love the music and the musicals upbeat tale. We went a few years back, around the same time we went to see the Jersey Boys (another that we loved). It tells the story of a girl who is meant to marry her childhood sweetheart, but she is torn by the fact she doesn’t know and hasn’t met her father. She know it is one of three men her mother dated, so she invites all three to her wedding, in the hope she can find out who her father is…

An American In Paris |

On one my recent visit to London, I took in one of the top London musicals. I was taking my Mum to go and see non-other than, An American in Paris at the Dominion Theatre near Tottenham Court Road. Absolutely excited to see the iconic Gene Kelly film transformed into a theatrical stage treat.

If you didn’t know the musical, it is funnily enough about an American in Paris, with the entire play set at the end of World War 2 in 1945. For the opening scene, we are immediately greeted with a dance based opener, a portrayal of the celebration of the end of the war between the French community. It is here one of the stars of the show Josh who would be playing blah, is first introduced. Even though dance is the main communication for the audience initially, it feels like you don’t know what’s going on straight away other than be mesmerized by these immaculate routines. However, clarification of what is going on is seen by one of the key characters, Josh, a soldier from American based in Paris who exaggerates the ripping up of his home ticket back to the United States in pursuit of his dream passion, drawing. He has been released from his soldier duties and has decided to pursue his loves.

Throughout the start, we constantly have a reference to a pretty dark haired girl, who later we come to know as Liza. Josh becomes infatuated with this timid ballet dancer, even from the opening scene we seem him bumping into her on many occasions with Josh falling for her. However as the tale unfolds we learn that it isn’t just Josh who has eyes for the dark-haired beauty he loves to draw, as there is also two more gentlemen who also think she is the apple of their eye. I won’t give too much away but if you’re looking for a musical that heavily focuses on ballet instead of jazz or modern dance, then you’ll love this. Make sure you hurry though as this particular theatre show is only taking bookings until 6th January 2018.

The Lion King

One I’m planning to see this year. I’m a big fan of the music and of course the costume design. Some people don’t really theatre adaptations of films such as Disney, and whilst I completely see why, I would definitely appreciate this show it’s own entity. The story of Simba developing from a Lion cub to King of Pride Rock, the dramatic twists and turns with Scar and his evil plot, is now now a Disney classic and one you can’t miss. Have you seen this one yourself?

The King & I

I have this soundtrack on LP that when I do my Friday cleaning I pop on the musical numbers and sing along. One of my favourite musical movies and whilst some people don’t like the movie to stage conversion, this one wins with its musical hits everytime for me. A musical based on the Oscar Award-winning film in 1966, so this musical is a newbie for 2018 and I am so excited to go and take my Mum to see it! I won’t lie, we’ll probably sing along the entire way through!

If you can see a musical in London when you visit next – do! Perhaps try what Nick and I did, by queuing to get on the day ticket and save yourself some pennies for merchandise!