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With January fast approaching and the ‘New year, New me’ trend about to set itself back in, I can’t help but think about finding that fitness balance. Some people go straight in and make ridiculous and drastic changes to their lifestyle and essentially go from one extreme to the other.

I’m not ‘skinny’, I am very aware of that but I’m strong and fit, but I bloody love a piece of cake now and again. I won’t stop myself from the things I love in life – or what is the point? It’s all about everything in moderation and I want to explain why finding that healthy fitness balance is what we should be aiming for.

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People tend to think to become someone in the fitness industry you need to check certain boxes. I’ll look at some of the girls on Instagram who do fitness and think, is this reality? Are they real? Is this the life I want? Do they enjoy a cheeky Mcdonalds drive through?! I cannot see the point in stopping yourself from doing things you like. Granted, lots are genuine and they just work so hard to achieve their envious figures and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want that – but at what cost does that come with? And is it a money thing that they can afford more high-end foods than me, or personal trainers or boot camps? Is it actually reality attainable? As an ‘influencer’ myself, I find it all very tough and perhaps that is why I’ve never quite made it in the industry, perhaps I’m just too ‘normal’.

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The best practice that I try to abide by with fitness balance is to not overindulge. The main reason is when you get to a certain point, the race to get back to a healthy weight can be tough and harder to break the habit. Same applies to over exercising, too much and too soon can cause injury. I am injured now after damaging my foot so I can’t do ‘high impact’ training for 6 months. That was off the back of me doing too much and now I have to deal with the consequences. What I’m trying to get across, is do what works for you. Don’t be pushed by all this new year, new you stuff, just find the balance for your fitness journey. It’s about being healthy at the end of the day and going to extremes can have massive effects both physically and psychologically.

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Did you know 90% of the population will have some sort of fitness and health-related new years resolution? Crazy, right? I mean that’s me too. Mine is about doing this triathlon that I’ve said I’ve wanted to do for years now, but also to find some alternatives I can stick to that aren’t high impact. All I’ve known is running and doing HIIT training, now I can’t I’ve struggled to get a balance, so I’ve planned out a swim timetable, weights training, and yoga. I’m realistic about each and I refuse to put bags of pressure on myself.  Be the best you want to be, don’t follow trends just find what works for you. I hope you’ve felt motivated in some way by my words, and like I say to anyone I meet who wants a to lose weight, shape up or make a lifestyle change, tweet me if you want some help.

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