What is the best thing about talking? sharing. The feeling of sharing whatever excites you, scares you or bothers you. Discovering if someone emotionally reacts or feels the same, and best of all knowing you’re not alone in your thoughts, feelings and worries. So let’s talk about Tena.

If you don’t know Tena is a product to help with incontinence. Even saying the word makes you stereotypically think of old ladies wearing nappies – right? Wrong. Most woman have what Tena call, ‘oops moments’, those little accidents that happen in the most random situations. Some reason we sort of get embarrassed by it, I mean, only in the past 5 years do I not feel a sheer flush of embarrassment going to a shop and buying sanitary products on their own. I would feel like people would be thinking, she is clearly on her period, when even if I was – who cares and whose business is it anyway? Same applies to incontinence products, but a  staggering 66 percent of women think bladder weakness is a taboo subject because it’s embarrassing and 39 percent say it’s because the media doesn’t discuss it enough.

I’m here today to break that taboo. Tena asked me to chat to my friends about it, so of course I set up a night in with one of my friends to hang out, watch films and host a #TenaTalk. Tena have these little panty liners which are nice and thin but absorbent, ideal for small accidents. So I got the conversation going with my friend and were both very honest about when oops moments might of happened to us. Lucky for me it doesn’t always happen, but for me it’s actually when I laugh too much, if I really laugh hysterically those little leaks can happen. My friend? Apparently when she’s on a trampoline. I wasn’t expecting her to even have something to share to be honest, which is quite surprising because you don’t always think people have those moments too. Evidently you can’t judge a book by it’s cover can you? I guess I wouldn’t of known I wasn’t alone unless I spoke to my friend. A problem shared, is a problem halved it seems.

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*post in collaboration with Tena*