fitness pressure

I have had an amazing Christmas but I found that when I stopped, life pressures had quite literally caught up with me. I was poorly, (still am) with a horrible cold and I just felt a little bit blue about life. I actually stopped and realised I wasn’t okay and me being too darned active had got to me.

Like many I spend my life cramming so much in, I hardly ever stop and these life pressures take their toll. I just suddenly crashed and I couldn’t stop it. I have had issues with mental health particularly around anxiety, and what had been happening recently mirrored something I felt in the past. I was feeling empty which is an odd feeling, I felt unfulfilled with this lingering void and I couldn’t put my finger on why. But I am 33. I know this all too well and lucky for me, even though I know it is hard, I know how to pull myself out.

When this happens it tends to be the bodies way of telling us to hit the breaks. Sigh. It is always the way, you live so fast and then you stop and, boom, you are poorly and feeling low. So how can you stop it? It is all about life balance. We have these high-speed careers and crazy social lives, that no wonder when we finally pause does it all come barrelling into us from behind. I’m probably one of the worst people for it, in fact at Christmas Mum told me off for never having any weekend free. I cram so much in that from 7 am, I’m pretty much on the go right the way to bedtime, then the same thing the next day. I personally lead a very active life too, luckily right now I’m wading through a 6-month injury so I’m less frantic than before but none the less – it is obviously too much.

What can you do about it? So I’m not preaching because partly the reason this post is being written is that, I too, need to take my own blasted advice for once and chill the hell out. I strongly suggest planning some chillout time, if like me you have a need to be active, add in something relaxingly active such as dog walking. We decided spontaneously to visit some friends and took a wonderful winter walk along the beach, before having lunch out and returning home to sit around the fire with a cuppa and chill out. A healthy balance I’m sure you’ll agree? I have a trip to Scotland approaching, which again will be active but it’s more about being in a calm setting and simply relaxing. Pick your activities wisely and don’t be afraid to decline invitations – I know that one, in particular, can be tough but trust me, just giving yourself that downtime will work wonders both physically and mentally.  Just remember it is okay to say no and be selfish sometimes.

Like the fitness gear, I’m wearing? It is the latest from Alice Living in collaboration with Primark. Don’t worry I’ll tell you all about it in my upcoming affordable fitness clothes post and video.