Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.

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Clothes every adventure seeking woman needs to add to their wardrobe! Perfect partners for the ultimate girl outdoors, the adventure seeker and those who like something practically fashionable. Some people hate this times of year for finding fun, stylish but practical clothes – I am all about embracing what you are given but doing it in a fashionable way. Why not do it with a bit of adventure seeker style? This month I’m featuring some of my old time favourite brands, such as Volcom, Roxy and Vans. Each brand is designed with the girl outdoors in mind. Still keeping dark winter and autumnal tones and shades, some of these pieces are ideal for leisurely days out or even for those off on their winter travels.  Big fan of the dark floral pattern on the big Volcom holdall bag, but then the Aztec/tribal influence in the Roxy backpack. Perfect for travelling or little trips away, whatever your next adventure might be!
Other adventure seeker essentials are things like a good pair of boots, not just specific walking boots, and other things like a well-made body warmer. Both idea for that spontaneous dog walk or bumble outside. All of these items work well even for those off to a ski resort for their apres ski looks! Each will be extremely comfortable and practical for being in the snowy mountains, but not sliding about in bad footwear, or freezing because you didn’t pack a decent sweatshirt or hat. The great thing is that because here in the UK it feels like winter drags on even when we officially reach Spring, these sorts of items will actually keep you going for longer than you think. For example, I’m doing an ultimate adventure seeker trip to the West Coast in March, but we’ll be heading to Yosemite where it will be a cooler climate – this stuff is all perfect for my upcoming adventure, don’t you think?




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