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The January blues. What exactly are the blues and why is it January that wears the title? It is a weird one and I’ll admit I’ve definitely at some point in my 33 years had a case of the January blues. The difference is, I’ve come out on the other side and if you’re suffering from the depressing lull of January, here is how I beat those pesky blues.

depression in January

According to statistic this Monday coming (15th) is the most depressive Monday of the year. Essentially everyone has had Christmas, we’ve had the exciting build-up, we’ve eaten, drunk and been very merry and now it’s back to reality. Many, including myself, have had that empty feeling where I feel as if I have nothing to look forward to. I used to go to self-hibernation where I just would go to work and come home again. I’d do very little else and consequentially feel pretty rotten about life. So I partnered up with outdoor brand Berghaus today as part of their beat the January blues and get outdoors for their SilverLining Sunday campaign. The idea is about going outside for a walk with loved ones, essentially to blow off cobwebs and gain the health benefits of fresh air and exercise can bring.


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January blues can be beaten. I’m not saying you need to be booking yourself onto marathons or doing extreme activities, I’m saying that you need to get outside and go walking. When I was younger and was unknowingly suffering from the January blues, my Mum would always tell me a nice hot shower, or an early night would sort me out. Whilst often she was right, actually getting the blood pumping and go for a little dog walk together to a tea room, or go on a hike with friends equally made me feel better.  Berghaus understand that the January blues can make people feel low, and as they are all about being ‘outdoors’, they wanted everyone to embrace the Sunday before Monday blues and get outdoors! Take a walk with loved ones to a place you kind of peace and relaxation.

I wanted to take a walk with my husband, and we decided to go to the Falls of Falloch in Loch Lomond, whilst we were having a relaxing break in Scotland. The sound of water always relaxes me. I would choose to live near the sea if I could because waves crashing really soothe me, but other water sounds, such as waterfalls, have the same effect. Taking that walk early on Sunday was perfect. I really kicked the day into gear, so much so we ended up hiking up a hill in Loch Lomond to give us a panoramic view of the lake and the village. Nobody was there. Just us.

*Post in collaboration with Berghaus