The other week I received a big box, full of cans of soup – more specifically cans of Baxters soup. Now, I love soup, a lot. It has so many positive reasons to add it to your diet but I hadn’t really ventured to this collection of Baxters soup before, the Hearty range. Baxters Hearty soup is healthy but also a plant-based source of protein – something I struggle to get enough of in my diet, especially when I’m in full swing of training once or twice a day.
When winter comes my lunchtime salad gets ditched for a bowl of warm soup. Salad doesn’t really make me feel very satisfied in the colder months, in fact, I somehow feel more likely to reach for an afternoon comfort food option than if I was to have a bowl of soup. So, I was going to be trying theses hearty tinned soups from Baxters’, because they believe these soups from their Hearty range are a great cupboard staple, not only are they packed full of goodness they’re super easy and quick to prepare, which for someone as busy as me, that’s half the battle.

Baxters is a well-known company who’ve been operating since 1868, they even hold a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen, so I think its fair to say they know their soup! However, for this range, Baxters have been working with Nutritionist Lily Soutter, (who I have actually liaised with before when I was talking about the health benefits of bread) and she said the following;
“This hearty range of protein soups makes getting fit and maintaining a healthy body weight that much easier. Each soup provides a rich source of plant-based protein, an essential component for all aspects of growth and repair within the body. Protein can also help to tone, build and repair muscle tissue post workout. Soups rich in plant-based protein can also help us to feel ‘fuller for longer’ and may prevent overeating later on in the day.”
With this all in mind, my lunches have recently been tins of the Baxters Hearty soups. I had some doubled up flavours in the delivery I received, so sent my triathlete husband off to work them too, better to get two reviews rather than one. Nick trains at lunch, so will go for a run then return to eat his food. The soups went down really well with him, especially in terms of them being a good recovery source (due to the protein). For me, I’ve just signed up for a big open water swim, so I’m in and out the pool a fair amount and need the energy to keep going back each day feeling fresh. The closer I get to race day, the training will increase in both intensity and time, so getting my diet balanced as best I can, is really important to me. I want to be consuming more protein for muscle recovery and for energy – but also eating something that is good for me too.
The Baxters Hearty Soups;
  • Country Vegetable
  • Tuscan Bean, Bacon and Pecorino
  • Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Chilli & Lime
  • Chicken, Pepper & Black Eyed Bean
  • Chicken and Sweetcorn Chowder
  • Beef, Bean & Vegetable
  • Tomato, Chorizo and Mixed Bean
  • Spiced Red Lentil & Smoked Bacon
  • Smoked Bacon & Three Bean
  • Chicken & Country Vegetable
  • Quinoa, Ginger & Carrot
  • Spicy Green Lentil Dhal
  • Moroccan Chicken Harira

Gone are the days when soups were one flavour and could sometimes become a tedious lunchtime option, but as you can see from above the selection of flavour combinations from Baxters’ is plenty to keep you occupied. The soups were almost stew-like, lots of veggies and nice and thick, which is what I believe keeps you nice and full. Also refreshing to discover that unlike some on the market, these aren’t over seasoned – just tasty. My personal favourites were the Spiced Red Lentil & Smoked Bacon and the Quinoa, Ginger & Carrot. Nick’s favourites were the Spicy Green Lentil Dhal and the Quinoa, Ginger & Carrot as well.

Creator of the new range, Baxters’ Chef, Darren Sivewright says, “We have always been committed to putting goodness in our soups and supporting healthy lifestyles. These new recipes will excite the palate with their flavour combinations whilst also providing nutritional support thanks to the key ingredients which have been found to have significant health benefits.”

Baxters he

I’ve always been a huge fan of soup anyway, but I’ve basically been making my own batches because I was always nervous about what was actually in soup, (extra salt/sugar etc) and I would try to add what I could to make it higher in protein. These Baxter soups have changed my opinion of that, and I must admit the ease of this lunchtime meal is far better and means I actually have more time for training. The soup I would make would just be in Tupperware and I’ve previously had soup and bag-related accidents on the ride into work, whereas a tin is obviously sealed and not going to cover the contents of my bag!

These hearty, plant-based protein soups have been welcomed with open arms for both my husbands and my training – him with his running and me with my swimming. Having that additional support for muscle recovery, so we can still train just as well the next day, or just for feeling fuller for longer throughout the day, protein is an important part of our diets and that is why the Baxters Hearty range is ideal. 

*Post in collaboration with Baxters Soups*