Swimwear for a swimmer, that is well designed to swim in and looks stylish, is actually a lot hard to find than you think. As you may or may not know, I adore swimming. Anything water based and I’m there! I’m not even all about swimming, other things like surfing, waterskiing… and hopefully, stand up paddle boarding when I finally try it in America. But over the years I have really struggled to find swimwear that looks good but actually supports me, and that’s where Speedo comes in.

There have times on holiday where I’ve tried to do a swim training session in a supermarket swimsuit, and I’d be forever adjusting so my boobs didn’t pop out or it would ride up! Not only is it awkward, it’s also completely uncomfortable and ridiculous to even consider attempting to do any training in it.

I’ll be honest another thing that annoys me, is that for quite a while the only swimwear you train well in, was black and boring. Not anymore. Speedo have such a wide collection now,  which look amazing, are fashionable, but they’re practical for actual swim training. I’ve been a big fan of Speedo for many years, and after having a hunt for a new swimsuit to train in for my big swim in August, I actually thought I’d chat about why I love their range.

Support |

Always a big thing for me is built in support. Some ladies might not need it, but for me, I do. Luckily most of the creations from Speedo all have a built-in sports bra, making it far easier to swim well in. I’ve swum okay in their non-supported ones, but beyond Speedo, any other brands that had no support wasn’t a good experience.

Styles |

I have different styles of swimwear because I swim so much, and therefore like to rotate which swimming costume I use for training. I am a big fan of the legsuit, mainly because if you’re in-between waxes, this is a solid choice so you can still go swimming! Hey, we have all been there – I won’t let that annoyance stop me from swimming!

Speedo also do a high neck suit which really keeps you nice and secure, then they have a bit of fun with some other designs too, like the third suit along the top of the picture. I have that swimsuit and absolutely love it, with the combination of fun in print design and colour, but also with the built-in sports bra. It just makes perfect for training. When I first got this it felt so good going to training when all the other women were in plain black swimsuits and I rocked up in my bright coloured one! You have the choice of racerback swimsuits or ones with simple two straps, my suggestion is to try some on and figure out what feels most comfortable before you finalise your purchase.

Quality |

You may want to head to a supermarket or a high street for a swimming costume, but you seriously get what you pay for. Often the highstreet swimsuits fade or thin out really quick. This is down to how much you wash them, and if you swim lots like me, that’s a lot of washing. You need something that is going to last, so I’ll say I’ve only had a few Speedo swimsuits and the only reason I have more than two is that I rotate them due to me swimming a lot. You’ll notice that Speedo swimsuits feel that bit thicker, that’s because the fabric is of far higher quality than other swimsuits.

I realise I don’t talk about swimming as much as I can do, so I’m going to chat to you in the next few posts about the benefits of swimming, hair care, hair removal, and of course how to get the best out of training.