Over my years of blogging I’ve gradually upgraded my cameras, starting out on a budget bridge camera and moving from there. I’ve now got to a point where I’m getting quite limited creatively with my current camera, so I’m on the hunt for something better to help me develop my new found passion! Today I’m going to tell you about the Fujifilm X-T100 camera that I’ve been trying out for the last two weeks.

I’m no professional photographer, I simply enjoy capturing a fantastic image and challenging myself in this digital hobby. I mainly use cameras for blogging, but since 2015 I also have developed quite the passion for videography too. With that in mind I needed a camera to give me the option to do both, and to do them well! For this review of the Fujifilm X-T100 I was mainly going to be looking at the photography side of it, as I didn’t get a chance to really film with it in it’s glorious 4k ultra high definition, but what I did create looked incredible.

x-t100 photos

Quick Points about Fujifilm X-T100

  • Compact system camera
  • Comes in 3 colours – Dark Silver, Black, and Champagne Gold
  • 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor
  • Shoots video in 4k and 1080/60p
  • Face detection
  • Touch screen
  • Built in flash
  • Auto focus
  • Flip out screen
  • 3 way tilt LCD Monitor
  • Face detection
  • Takes an SD Card
  • 6fps (continuous shooting)
  • Red eye detection
  • Self timer
  • Detachable grip
  • Function dial
  • Mode dial
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Lens of XC15-45mm (5cm close focus)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Li-ion battery NP-W126S

The Fujifilm X-T100 Look

You’d think with the amount of options this Fuji X-Series camera gives you, it’d be really heavy, but it isn’t at around 450g with battery and memory card included. Granted it is bigger than some cameras but this compact digital device fits into your hand nicely, especially with its grip. It comes in different shades too and you have the option to use any additional Fujifilm lens if you wanted too. I decided to add the strap to the camera, and utilised the 3 way tilt touch screen monitor. The screen is touch screen and that makes life a lot easier to get through your settings, however you can also use the arrows on the right hand side of the camera or the mode function dial.

Fujifilm X-T100  Shooting Modes

You have various options for shooting modes which include sports, landscape, portrait, program AE, aperture priority AE, shutter speed priority AE) and manual exposure. You also have a very cool options for an emphasised effect, these are, PROVIA, vivid Velvia, and ASTIA; PRO Neg Std and PRO Neg Hi, which are portrait modes based upon negative film, there are also three different filter effects.

Landscape on Fujifilm X-T100

Shooting on landscape was really easily and the result I feel is crisp capture, it’s just a shame I didn’t go travelling when I had the camera, as I’d of been able to give you a bit of variety. Hopefully the lovely fields where I take my dog walking will suffice and give you a bit of an idea.

Portrait mode on Fujifilm X-T100

I used the camera for a quick selfie, which you can use a timer to do so to make sure you’re in position. I flipped out the screen on the side to help, but it does make it tricky because initially my eyes weren’t focused directly on the main lens, instead they were on the screen. My current camera’s flip out screen goes underneath and the one before had a screen that went above, these meant I could film my chatty youtube videos easily, but this one didn’t unfortunately.

None the less I was really impressed with the image when I was actually looking at the camera, the auto focus (which you can turn off) really works hard.

Sport on Fujifilm X-T100

I wasn’t doing any crazy sport activities and due to the rain my skateboarding husband wasn’t able to go to the skate bowl, so all my options for sporting action were suckered. Bring in the dog it seemed was the next best thing! This crazy four legged dog of mine is so fast we often can’t keep up with her! I got a few shots of her racing about, that with the burst option have come out really well.

I would love to use this for when I’m taking some photos at the various runs and triathlons I go to. Oh, excuse my dogs very expressive running face!

Manual on Fujifilm X-T100

Often, we don’t have time to fumble through settings so the manual option is a great choice and doesn’t actually hold you back with picture quality. The below were captured on the manual setting… I’ll let you decide about them.

As you can see most photos involve my dog Winnie, but she tends to race about and we take her to some beautiful places. I’m so amazed by how much of step up this camera is, and it’s just the right amount of up that it isn’t too complex. Like I previously mentioned, the only niggle I had was the flip out screen, I currently use a camera where the screen has pops out below, meaning when I film  vlogs, I still look like my eye gaze is in the lens. When using this screen that goes to the side, it casts my eye gaze in the wrong direction, so I struggled a little with that.

Lens for Fujifilm X-T100

I used two lenses during my trial, the one that comes with the camera on purchase, the XC15-45mm and the 35mm. I found the one that comes with the camera the perfect all rounder, ideal for wide shots but also amazing at picking up detail. However, the 35mm is simply perfection for those tiny detail photographs like the images I got below from the flowers and plants in my garden. These are all shot on the Fujifilm X-t100 but with the 35mm lens.

Fujifilm X-T100 Conclusion

Having a camera like this for two weeks I thought would be a breeze and I’d over discovered everything I could do quickly, but I was wrong. Even on the last day I was packing the item up to send back and found more things I’d completely missed. The main thing I loved was the auto focus and the background blur. The detail in some of the photos I did with the smaller lens look so crisp, that I’d be inclined to print them off, with that in mind I’d probably print a few off and I haven’t printed photos in years.

I’m really impressed with this camera. It retails at around £600, which is your mid range camera price and I think is justified by the amount you can achieve with this particular model. I did think the X-T20 was the way to go, but actually, the X-T100 is a pretty perfect balance. It is a middle level camera that isn’t too easy that the images don’t look good, but not too fancy that it is far to complex and complicated that you can’t figure it out to even take a good photo. This has no made the list on possible camera purchases, I just wish I’d been able to take full advantage of the 4k video!

Find out more about the Fujifilm X-T100 camera here

*Camera reviewed was a loan some links are affliated*