Osprey Nova rucksack

If you’re a girl on the go like me, chances are using a handbag is out of the question. Trying to get all your needed ‘bits and bobs’ in a tiny space just to look somewhat stylish is a thing of the distant past, instead, you’re all about the rucksack. I am all about the rucksack.I use a rucksack every day and boast a steady collection of 6 in total, my husband, however, would have me believe that is too many. You can never have too many rucksacks, after all, they each have a particular function. But what about an everyday rucksack? Today I’m reviewing the Osprey Nova Rucksack which is for the girl-on-the-go.

The Design

Osprey bags are designed with the outdoors in mind, they are durable, weatherproof and fit for all sorts of scenarios. The Nova Rucksack might look like an adventure girls option, but it has been designed perfectly for someone who works. The Osprey Nova comes in pearl grey, misty grey, and tropical green, with this version specifically designed for women. Osprey also has a men Osprey Nova version. 


You can get a rucksack from many retailers and you may wonder what makes this £80.00 Osprey Nova rucksack any different. What I will say is that the features stand out. There are so many compartments that I nearly started to lose track of which pocket or slot I’d stored my items in. The bag has three main sections, a front, middle and back opening.

There is a place for your laptop, a sleeve for paperwork, a tucked away pocket for your phone. There are also extras like netted slots for keys, pads, and pens too. You really won’t run out of space, meaning it is ideal if you need to go to work with the necessary items, but want to go to the gym after, then you can essentially take everything with you. The bag expands quite significantly allowing you to take a lot of stuff with you, trust me, I tested this out!

Rucksack Extras

  • a place for your sunglasses so they don’t get scratched
  • phone slot
  • a stretch front pocket
  • LED light attachment point
  • internal key attachment (hurray you won’t lose the keys!)
  • reflective graphics – perfect for walking home when it’s late
  • side compression straps
  • sternum strap with emergency whistle
  • specifically designed for us ladies!

The Osprey Nova rucksack is very secure and you won’t have any issues with a zip coming undone mid-commute. There is the fabric which goes over the zip line keeping it all tucked away. On the flipside of that, each area is easily accessible meaning it is also perfect for travel allowing you to get your laptop out for airport security.

It feels really lightweight and when the rucksack is on, it feels very comfortable. The rucksack feels shaped to your frame when you have it on which is a delight when carrying a lot. Some rucksacks can be quite awkward and uncomfortable to wear, especially when you are carrying lots with you. The Osprey Nova rucksack didn’t feel like that at all.

My old rucksack would make me feel like I was carrying a small person on my back! That old rucksack would rub and start to feel quite painful after a while, but then arriving to work in that state wasn’t good for my back, especially as I’d then be sitting at a desk until the walk home.

Yay or nay to the Osprey Nova?

Osprey claims their Nova rucksack is the city bag with true outdoor heritage. I couldn’t agree more. You might think £80.00 for a bag is quite steep, but you’re buying incredible quality and an investment too. A company from California with outdoor expertise since 1974, Osprey has created something special for the commuters. For those girls who hike and camp at weekends but spends Monday-Friday in an office on a daily commute, this is one for the collection.