eco-friendly gifts

The Christmas gift hunt is officially on, and as a self-confessed shopaholic, I’ve popped together a gift list to help. I’ve chosen eco-friendly gifts for this post. The reason I wanted to create an eco-friendly gift list, is due to my current journey in becoming more environmentally aware.  Making sure we are doing our bit for the environment and giving gifts which help others become more eco-aware.

As you can see above, I’ve chosen eco-friendly gifts that cater to a variety of people, but help aid the fight against single-use plastic. Single-use plastic is going to be everywhere at Christmas, so where possible try to think differently about how you will wrap your presents.

Eco-Tools Brushes

I have the travel eco-tools brushes and adore them. This is a gift set from Superdrug, but you can purchase them online if you wish. Now, this immediately goes against being single-use plastic free, due to the plastic box. You can, however, buy individual brushes then maybe create a keepsake box to put them in. It makes the gift more personal and you’re plastic-free.

EcoCoffee Cup

I’m a huge fan of a reusable coffee cup and I have a variation, my cheaper ones have been passed around the family and I’ve finally invested in one of these. They’re awesome. You might be wondering how is a coffee cup awesome, but the lid closes well so you don’t get any spillage, it cleans well and it’s pretty! If you have an avid coffee drinker friend who doesn’t have a reusable coffee cup, this is a must buy.

Bee and Bug House

Another eco-friendly gift is this bee and bughouse. I have a patch in my garden that is full of bee-friendly plants and wildflowers. I try my best to encourage wildlife in my little garden. This is such a beautiful colour and does so much for the welfare of wildlife, especially as bees who are losing over 50% of their hives. For your outdoors friends and green-fingered family members, this is a wonderful option.

Foldaway Bag

I have big bags for life from a variety of shops, and I have the canvas bags, but having them with me at any point of the day isn’t guaranteed. My sister got me a foldaway bag for Christmas a few years ago and now it remains in my handbag. It’s so small that I don’t notice it’s there, but should I need it, it’s there waiting. The large bags for life can we quite awkward to carry about, but are perfect for your big food shops, however, for smaller shopping, these are perfect. You can get them off eBay for super cheap so you can make them part of other presents.

Natural Cork Yoga Mat

I’ve recently got back into yoga and I’m thriving on how great it is. Got a yoga buddy? Buy their own mat is a fab gift. They say that using the mats in gyms can be holding onto lots of germs, so having your own is quite a smart move health-wise. This is an eco-friendly gift again, as it is naturally sustainable, but is also anti-fungal, ant-bacterial and non-slip. This is another option from eBay and is nearly half the price of the RRP.

P.F Candle

You cannot beat a candle if you’re feeling stuck for a gift! These from Osmology are very well made and burn for hours, leaving your home with a festive aroma. No29 is a good choice if you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas scent.

Mui Eco Glass Waterbottle

Who here drinks enough water? I try, but I don’t. I need to have a water bottle that remains at work, then one to stay in my gym bag. Basically, I need no excuses to consume water! A water bottle on paper might sound boring as a present, but with ones which look great, like this one, then who can resist? Another great present to help people towards being plastic-free.