No matter how prepared you are air travel is stressful. Have you packed too much, have you taken too little, can you take two bags on board, is it just one? The travel anxieties are endless. For me, as soon as I am through security and see the World Duty Free sign, I know I can relax. We’ll sort of. There is then the stress of trying to find a good spot in the departure lounge, preferably with a plug socket for our ever-increasing gadget list. That is where airport lounges like Aspire Lounge Luton play a good part in the travel relaxation process I like to encourage.

Airport food is expensive, add in a drink at the bar or a fancy pants coffee and you are going to spending a lot. It is hectic and sometimes uncomfortable depending on the type of seating. So I started going to Executive Airport Lounges back in 2015 before my flight to South Africa and since then, I have never looked back. If I know I have a significant amount of time to wait then I book in to a airport lounge. I find that there is something almost therapeutic about having somebody else worry about feeding and watering you. You get a comfortable seat, toilets without a queue and often shower facilities.

The Aspire Lounge

I was flying to Iceland the other week and Aspire Lounge Luton invited me to have a look at their Luton Airport lounge. I was obviously, delighted to go and see what this airport lounge chain was like. They have 19 lounges across the UK airports. I was visiting the one at Luton airport. Luton Airport has become somewhat of a second home for my husband and me.

As you walk through duty-free, (doing everything in your power not to get tempted by the last offers) you will see the long stretching Luton airport departure lounge. On the top floor looking over is the Aspire lounge, which you will spot from the signs on the window.

I was greeted by a lovely lady who was showing all guests in, we had clearly just entered a busy time so we were slightly limited in seating, however it is important to note that some people stay for a while and others leave quite quickly. Either way flights all go at numerous times so you will always have a high turnover. 

The food & drinks

Once seated I immediately got myself a class of wine and explored the food options. There were chicken and mushroom pasta, leek soup and a delicious pull pork style Mexican rice. There was also an assortment of salad options as well. Obviously my favourite was the incredible lemon drizzle cake. Oh my goodness, thankfully they were in small cubes or I’d of eaten more than I should! You had so many drink options I completely lost count, either by helping yourself out of the fridges or collecting something from the manned bar.

There was free wifi and lots of charging areas, so for international plugs, USB points and standard UK plugs. This was a great touch because devices seem to last 5 minutes these days! So having this available meant you could plugin and relax without the worry of that 5% battery face we get from time to time!

There was no limit on how much you consumed or time you stayed in the lounge. Even though it was busy, it was still very relaxing. I have been to many lounges before, and many are hectic, this wasn’t. I am a mystery shopper too, so I know good facilities and service. This was very much worth the cost of, £21.99 for senior (65+), £24.99 for an adult or £15.99 for a child. Food was constantly checked and refreshed making this an incredible bargain before you travelled.


If travelling makes you feel fraught or stressed out, adding an airport lounge into your routine will help you unwind before your flight. The Aspire lounge is a great affordable option, with the necessities you would need. Make sure you have a look. Obviously booking prior is better, but you can always book on the day. Thanks to Aspire Lounge Luton for having me – no doubt I’ll return soon.