Fitness DVDs and home workout tools can often be deemed as wasted money. That treadmill we said we’d always use, or those 5kg dumbbells still in their box. Have they been used more than a handful of times? Probably not, as home workouts can be hard because we tend to get distracted by something else. But, maybe it’s not about being at home which is wrong, perhaps it is about selecting the right fitness equipment. Ta-da introducing the FITT Cube

I have always been a big advocate of working at home. If I’m stuck on time, don’t fancy going for a run, or can’t get to the gym, I will always squeeze even 30 minutes at home. I can slot in my workout around me, the biggest battle is the mental battle of working out at home as we can often feel far more tempted to sit on the sofa than sweat it up! I tend to find things like home fitness DVDs, after the initial honeymoon period will tire and can be easily ignored. However, I do seem to pay more attention to gym equipment when it is there.

Many will think having gym equipment in the home is an eyesore, expensive and will take up too much space. Some can, but not the FITT Cube*. This compact cube has been so much fun to try out over the past few weeks, I’ve been dying to share why it is the perfect addition for anyone who wants to work out at home. The FITT Cube is no one trick pony, it is cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance and power – all in one.

What’s it all about?

I got sent a FITT Cube* by New Image TV, during the developers #DryGymuary campaign, the idea that you didn’t need to join a gym to be getting a good workout. The FITT Cube is a black and orange cube and measures just 43.5cm x 38cm x 38.5 cm. It has a built-in mini stepper, padded seat for twisting, detachable resistance bands (7kg), calorie and step counter and non-slip grip surfaces.

What does it come with?

When you get the FITT Cube you’re not expected to just get on with it, they give you some support and great ideas on how to get the most out of it.

  • Fit Resistance Bands (7kg)
  • 5 x FITT 15 Video Workouts
  • User Guide
  • 3 x FITT 15 Targeted Video WorkoutsExercise Chart
  • New Image Nutrition & Health Guide
  • FITT Cube Trainer & Tracker App (Available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play)

What is great about the FITT Cube

The main thing I liked about this FITT Cube is how compact it was, but offered so much. It wasn’t a piece of equipment for one thing, it’s essentially a multi-gym in a box.

Step – for cardio

Twist – use the pad to do sweated abdominal/core twists

Grip – the grips could be used for planks and strength training

Power – for those HIIT session box jumps

Should you buy a FITT Cube?

If you are new to exercise so unsure how to get the best out of the FITT cube you can watch their workout videos, or use their booklet of exercises for inspiration. The cube is very versatile for your workout and can suit a number of different capabilities. You can make it beginner friendly or really work for it on an advance scale. I have loved being able to get such a fantastic and diverse workout with this FITT Cube, and for only £129 it is a bargain for everything is can possible do.