It’s mid-February with lots of us in full swing of our new 2019 challenges in fitness. Perhaps these are different workout regimes or maybe we’re trying out different kinds of activities, but whatever it is, we’re still in our new routine and it feels good! But what happens when for whatever reason we need a break?

Whether you’re new to exercise or doing a new challenge, there is nothing quite like the feeling you get from fitness. It gives you confidence, a rush and it feels amazing, but suddenly not sticking to an iron-tight regime can completely throw you. What if you get invited to hang out with your friend so you miss spin? or you have a party to go to so you can’t do your step class? What happens then? Are you going to fall off the fitness wagon?

Relaxation & Resting is key!

The answer is no you aren’t! We all need days off, rest periods, and more importantly time to actually live. The thing is as well, you don’t need to go to the gym to be active, you can be active without specific training. A great example of this something like walking or dog walking.

You don’t need a gym class to be active

I love to be active and adore nothing more than going to my weekly body pump, spin or yoga class, but having a day off without a gym run, it is really satisfying. I don’t need to always be at the gym to be active, I can be active just as easily without consciously dedicating 60 minutes a day too

Fitness should be enjoyable and not seen as a chore. Sometimes when we overdo it, we can become exhausted and need a significant amount of time off, but by adding in consistent non specific workout time can help. Recover and relaxation is key!

What I’m wearing |Hunkemoller Leggings* & HKMK Hoodie*

Activewear all the time

For my chill out with the pooch this week I’ve been wearing Hunkemoller Doutzen Sportswear Collection. I still love activewear regardless whether I’m doing vigorous exercise in the gym, it’s comfortable and practical – especially when dog walking.

So even if I’m not off to do my 60-minute gym class, I’m still active… but the important thing is I’m taking pressure off myself mentally, as much as I am physically. Also, this fitness gear is super comfy!

How to still be active and recover?

If you’re thinking you’ve got sucked into an iron tight fitness regime that you’re worrying about breaking, then you need to introduce slow fitness activities. Perhaps alternate the classes you do each week? Maybe even skipping a class to go for a walk? It is okay to break the cycle and just live!