The ski season is in full swing and snow seekers are desperate to hit the slopes to enjoy the snowy mountains. What once was not always a fashion parading sport, winter ski and snowboard gear is getting every year, all the more exciting. This year I stepped it all up a notch and went all out as I trialled Protest winter season snow gear*.

I wasn’t skiing this year – shock horror! But that hasn’t stopped me finding the snow, and this time I took a mini adventure to Iceland. I was interested to try out what should be ‘ski’ gear, in a standard snowy environment.

Protest, I find is a more affordable active gear brand, I’ve been a huge fan for many years now, enjoying both their winter and summer ranges of clothing. Each year I’ve noticed they are getting more adventurous with what they are producing and this years winter attire was one of the best!

I chose some of their ski gear, which no doubt I will actually ski in on my next trip. These gorgeous leopard print ski trousers with detachable braces. I was toying with playing it safe with a white and black coat, but the bold print of the jacket (complete with snow skirt) won me over. The clothing was all very comfortable, ideal for walking about in. I also had the Protest snow boots and these were amazing! So warm and comfortable, I’d say ideal for apres ski time or just wandering about resort.

Overall extremely impressed with the winter range from Protest, a great mix of classics but then the more daring prints and styles for those who are a little more bold in their snow outfits!