I’ve surfed in California, but I had no idea that sea kayaking was such a major tourist attraction. In San Diego in the beautiful area of La Jolla Shores is an iconic local brand, Everyday California. Not only do they offer surfing tuition and board hire, but they also provide sea kayaking tours where you might catch a glimpse of sea turtles, sea lions, and dolphins, but also explore the cliff side from your kayak and the famous caves. This is our experience with Everyday California sea kayaking tour. 

Everyday California is located in a huge shop full of own brand merchandise, which might I add, I couldn’t resist post tour and purchased a top. The sea kayaking tours are around £47 and last 20 hours with a max of 20 people. The minimum age is 5+, and you’re in a two-person kayak throughout the tour. 

We were booked on the 12pm sea kayaking group slot, so of course, we got there early to have a nose around and make ourselves known. This was a bad move for me, because I had no idea they had a shop and of course, I wanted to buy everything! There were tops, hoodies, gadgets and all kinds of branded Everyday California items. I decided to make my purchase after the swim, which just to make it all the more tempting if you book something with them you get 10% off all items. 

The friendly team checked us in and explained that we needed to go get fitted for our wetsuits, helmets, and lifejackets. Once this was completed we’d be meeting at the benches at the front of the store. It was quite hectic as people were coming and going on tours, but it was actually great to see how evidently popular Everyday California was. 

We were in a group of around 10 people, which was a good size, with three instructors, (one in training) to take us out in the sea. We had a quick introduction of where everyone was from across the globe and started to make our way down to the beach. Nick and I have been sea kayaking previously but to be honest it was handy having a refresher lesson of all the safety elements. 

Down at the beach, our instructors went through all the safety procedures and explained how to get in and out the kayak. I was a bit unsure how we were to get over the waves initially on the way out, but other staff members were there to assist. It was all very smooth regardless of how busy the beach was.

Once the entire group were out into the sea safely, our guides began their tour over the clear blue ocean. The sun was shining with a classic California sky, we couldn’t have wanted better weather!

The sea was choppy and the tide was high, so, unfortunately, we were unable to explore the popular caves, which is what this tour is designed around. As gutted as I was, to be honest when we paddled past I realised how dangerous it would be to try and even attempt it. Had we not been on a tour, we would not have perhaps known that, so a takeaway message is that even though sea kayaking can be great spontaneously, often it can be dangerous and a tour is a perfect solution. Regardless of missing the caves we still had a fantastic experience, so I can only imagine what exploring the caves would bring. 

Our tour guides were very interactive with the group and full of local knowledge. It was interesting to hear all the stories, but you’ll have to hear them yourself when you go on a tour – I’m not spoiling everything for you! However, it is important to note that you often see dolphins and sea lions on these tours too. 

Everyday California kayak tour was so much fun. This company know their stuff and have truly embedded its brand in the local community. All the staff weren’t just working there, they were evidently passionate about their job and the activities they offered. I just wished we’d had longer in La Jolla shores to take part in Everyday California’s stand up paddle boarding or snorkelling tours! This is totally on our radar next time we visit La Jolla, especially with so many amazing places to eat nearby you could easily spend a day enjoying the surroundings.