Jet lag is probably one of the worst parts of travel, that and altitude sickness. The issue with jet lag is that is can significantly impact your travel experience, taking days to ease off. Due to jet lags prolonged appearance, you lose part of your holiday, which is far from what you want when travelling. On my trip to California, I tested Jet Candy, a homeopathic remedy to stop jet lag from ever emerging. 

What is jet lag?

Starting with the facts about jet lag and why it happens. The best way to describe jet lag is flight fatigue and it occurs due to air travel across different time zones. Our bodies cannot cope with the loss of sleep and disrupted routine, therefore it causes quite an impact. Jet lag will leave frequent fliers tired, lethargic and in more serious cases, with symptoms such as diarrhoea and bloating. 

According to articles about jet lag, many claims there is no remedy to stop it happening. Some publications will give you tips on how to stop the intensity by reading books, taking sleeping tablets or meditation, but unfortunately, they don’t always work. 

What is jet candy?

When I booked my flight to California I immediately recalled my previous experience with jet lag. I, unfortunately, suffered from jet lag on both ends of my journey, impacting on my day-to-day tasks. Jet Candy is a product which claims it can eliminate jet lag when travelling, and therefore I wanted to try it on my next long haul flight. I won’t take any medication unless I’m 100% content with what it contains, and as Jet Candy is all natural, I was happy to test it out. Jet Candy is handmade to be a 100% homoeopathic remedy, developed by one renowned homoeopath.

What is in Jet Candy?

Each bottle contains approx 100 pill, sufficient for 8 intercontinental flights.

Contents – sucrose, arnica, bellis perennis, cocculus, gelsemium and petroleum.

How to take Jet Candy?

When the box arrived I checked the way I needed to take Jet Candy. In order for Jet Candy to work you needed to take it as follows;

jet candy review how to take

In order for Jet Candy to work it requires nearly 9 pills to be consumed, which seems a lot. My main concern was taking the product on my flight, surely it would disrupt my sleep pattern if I was on a night flight?

Outbound flight

I will quickly highlight that the outbound was a bit of a disaster in comparison to the inbound flight. There are certain things you should do on a flight, regardless of taking this product which I didn’t do. I still drank coffee and consumed alcohol, something you should avoid due to the stimulation. When I should have been relaxing I was watching action films and playing on video games, which again, didn’t relax me. It was lazy of me. I assumed that regardless of my actions, Jet Candy would stop jet lag occurring. I was wrong.

Beyond my slight addiction to Angry Birds when everyone was asleep, I didn’t take the medication consistently. For all the reasons listed above, it is safe to say that Jet Candy didn’t work on my way to California. This was completely my fault. I didn’t suffer from the serious cases of jet lag like I have done previously, but I definitely had insomnia issues. 

Inbound flight

After my diabolical experience coming into California, I was adamant to make my homebound journey jet-lag free. The first action was making sure to follow the instructions properly and taking Jet Candy at the correct times. The next step was ensuring to avoid any stimulants, both food and visual. Making sure there was a ‘wind-down’ process before sleeping and of course, keeping comfortable throughout the journey. With regard to my initial concern about consistently taking the pills, I just made sure I continued to take them, for example, after I woke up. 

Is Jet Candy worth it?

It is safe to say I had a good experience with Jet Candy coming home. We had a hectic road trip experience, where Nick and I didn’t stop in a place for more than three days. Regardless of any jet lag, this was an exhausting trip! Once home, Nick suffered from jet lag, (he didn’t take the tablets) but I didn’t. It was a fantastic feeling to return after a long haul flight and feel fine. To some extent, but I believe that was purely due to the severity of how hectic out road trip was. 

Jet Candy states to enjoy your flight, including with your cocktails, but for me, I need to relax. I find that those things do impact on my sleep pattern regardless of flying or not. When trying Jet Candy, ensure you work to personal preference for your sleep pattern. Jet Candy has helped me stop jet lag on my return journey, and I recommend it. I will definitely try it again on my next long haul flight.