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I love nothing more than a good cup of coffee. But it isn’t just about a cup of coffee, I also love nothing more than going to a coffee shop and having a coffee. I find the experience in a coffee shop so relaxing that given the choice, I’d be having my daily coffee there every day! I used to go to have a coffee in places like Costa Coffee quite regularly, but I cut back on cow’s milk due to having a sensitive tummy and started having alternatives. The problem I found, was nothing tasted quite as good as regular milk in my coffee! Whatever I did I couldn’t seem to find the perfect cup of coffee until I started drinking a Lactofree range from Arla.

Switching my milk

Arla Lactofree milk has been my new exciting switch with all the nutritional goodness of milk.  This essentially tastes the same as regular milk, but it is lactofree, which meant I could have my hot drinks without losing flavour. That was all great for being at home, but having my coffees out in those coffee shops was testing, until Costa Coffee just launched their Arla lactofree option!

Drinking coffee again

Last weekend I’d had a crazy week and decided I’d take a walk to my local Costa Coffee and try out Arla lactofree milk in my once loved coffee shop fave, a milky latte. I ordered both a normal latte with regular cows milk and one with Arla lactofree milk. Could I taste the difference? Nope! Not at all! It was so good to finally be able to go in and order a milky coffee without a worry!

Youtube Experience in Costa Coffee

Watch my video vlog on my trip to Costa Coffee and tasting the new Arla Lactofree milk option.


Fancy trying out this milk-based lactofree alternative coffee too? I’m making things easy for you and you can win a Costa Coffee giftcard of £20 to go and indulge! To enter, just follow the instructions on Rafflecopter below.

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