Father, Dad, Pop, Papa, Poppa, Daddy, whatever you call the main man in your household, they are notoriously difficult people to shop for! So what do you do about Father’s Day gifts for difficult to buy for Dads? Where do you even start you ask? How can you avoid gift-hunting stress? Well, time is running out as Father’s Day is approaching fast, but fear not I’ve got you covered with gifts that have the feel-good factor.

I’d like to think I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned pro at gift shopping for my Dad, having spent many years trying to perfect the ideal Father’s Day present for my poppa bear. I’ve come to realise it is all about buying things they wouldn’t go out and ordinarily buy themselves but making sure to purchase something they’d still like to receive.

Why Father’s Day gifting?

This is the day of the Dad, their special day to know we love and appreciate them, for all the things they do for us, whether it’s being the chauffeur when it rains, fixing the broken radiator, or simply being the only person who adjusts the clocks on electric items, your Dad is the main man and needs to know he is appreciated. It’s also important to remember, Father’s Day gifts, very much like Mother’s day presents, are simply meant to be tokens of appreciation rather than anything else.

L’Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Exfoliating scrub
L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti-Fatigue Face Wash 100ml
L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Tissue Mask 30g
– All these items make for good options for either travel or at home. Why not do a face mask with you Dad?! Could you imagine the selfies!

Father gift quest

My Dad, or as the household calls, Big Legend, (don’t ask, we call my Mum Little Ledge) tends to buy the things he wants at the time of wanting them. Ah, the joys of retirement! My Dad has many activities he takes part in, some of which we do together, but his main passions are fishing, photography and going metal detecting. All of these activities are fantastic hobbies, but they tend to lean towards the expensive side with related presents, and quite honestly, I can’t afford to be buying the latest metal detector or hunting down a new camera lens, it just isn’t realistic. Even if I was in a financial position to buy something along these lines, chances are he has got it or something very similar! The joys of Father’s, hey?!

So what doesn’t a Dad have in his possession that we think he might like? Toiletries. I’m not talking a fancy soap and exfoliating loather, I’m talking about products specifically designed for men in mind. Everything from sleek packaging of a tradition shaving kit, to your classic fragrances and Boots, is the only place to find a diverse range of items. Below are my top gifts options for the Dad’s who have it all…


Oh it’s a classic and one we all know is not only appreciated by your Dad, but I’m pretty sure Mum will like it too – every lady likes a good smelling man. If you’re struggling to know your Dad’s go-to fragrance, ask your Mum, or be a daredevil and go for the one you think he’ll like! The ones I feel work universally are the following.

Paco Rabanne – One Million Eau de Toilette 100ml – £59.50

Gucci Guilty Cologne Pour Homme Eau de Toilette 50ml – £53.00

BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette 100ml – £65.00

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette Spray 75ml – £40.00

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Anti Shine Moisturiser 50ml
– a great option for your Dad to keep in the bathroom

Gift Sets

When I say gifts sets I’m not meaning bath bombs and scented candles, although that is always an option, in this scenario, I’m specifically talking male grooming gift sets. These are ideal for topping up your Dad’s gym kit wash bag, or when he is away on holiday with your Mum next, either you can update the bathroom cupboard with his current go-tos or introduce something new. Gift sets like these are your fail-safe Father’s Day gift option.

L’Oreal Men Expert Daily Expert Gift Set – great choice for the gym bag

Harry’s Shave Kit – Packaging sell this one – super stylish

L’Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Short Beard Grooming Kit -If your Dad has a beard this one is a fab choice

The Day

You’ve got the present sorted, but if you want to really be the favourite child, then why not plan to do something with your Dad? It’s sad to think I don’t spend as much time with my Dad as I once did, because as we’ve gotten older, day-to-day life sweeps us along and we don’t always make time for each other. One thing I would suggest to my Dad is to go fishing. We went when I was little and I remember really enjoying that 1 to 1 time, so why not something now? If you really are struggling with something to do, you can purchase experiences you can do together.

Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

Driving Experience in a fancy car

Gifts for him – a range of activities he can chose – this is a bargain!

Love you Dad

Last but not least, tell your Dad you love him. It never gets old and that’s is what Father’s Day is all about, making your Dad know he is loved and appreciated. Here is to my Poppa Bear – love you!

Competition time!

Do you find it hard to buy for your Dad on Father’s Day? Well here’s your chance to win a bottle of Gucci Guilty Cologne! All you have to do is leave a comment below on what you like to do with your Dad on Father’s Day, and what kind of gifts he usually appreciates!

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