I was putting some pictures up at home last week and I came across my, life’s a wave catch it, painting. I had visited CherryHills Market Huntington Beach for an incredible, wine and design evening where I created my artistic masterpiece! Today I’m sharing our experience of one of the CherryHills Market wine & design workshops. I’m a huge arts and crafts girl and can spend hours drawing or using colouring books, so to include wine, cheese and Huntington Beach, this was a winner already!

Myself and Nick had been invited by CherryHills Market* to experience one of the numerous events and workshops they host in their shop. It is primarily a shop, or so you think, full of items you’ll want to fill your home with, but tucked away at the back is the workshop area. When Nick and I arrived, we were escorted to our prepped table to see a selection of nibbles, painting equipment and of course some wine.

A swift clink of glasses and friendly greetings from the staff and we were off. In this workshop, we’d be making wooden signs using some painting techniques explained by the staff. I did a quick bit of googling to find some sort of quote to use calligraphy techniques to put on my sign. I was looking for something that represented Huntington Beach to me, which was of course surfing and the ocean. Mine soon became what it was and Nick decided to do a sign with California sketched on it. He wanted to put his sign above our piano where all our California memories were. They were perfect and really summed up our stay in Huntington Beach.

It was possibly the most relaxed on the California trip I’d felt, I completely unwinded and thoroughly revelled in my experience. We’d actually arrived in a bit of a bundle due to running from one activity to the next, luckily that felt far behind us and I was fully immersed in the workshop experience by CherryHills Market.

I know I am a self-confessed art lover, but Nick isn’t creative in the same way so I was interested to find out how he felt. After our signs were completed, he said how much he enjoyed it and was somewhat surprised at just how much. I loved the fact we’d got these amazing arty pieces to take home and treasure the trip by. I find that we often take numerous photos, but I’ve never had a chance to take something away like this before, and now whenever I look at it, I remember this fantastic workshop and the fact I created it myself in one of my favourite places in California. It says to me, good memories whenever I see it and I completely treasure that.

What an incredible experience from CherryHills Market, and one I truly treasure. I seriously cannot thank them enough for hosting us, they were so much fun and we all had good conversation, some giggles and delicious food. I would return in a heartbeat and perhaps try a different workshop of theirs. The workshops change depending on season, but here are a few examples.

  • Artisan Scented Candle Workshop 
  • Sip & Sign” Chalk-Style Painting  Workshop
  • Autumn Pumpkin Succulent Arrangement Workshop
  • Wine & Design – Coastal Painted Pine Cone “Succulent Wreath
  • The Art of Sushi Rolling – Beginners Guide To Sushi Rolling
  • Guide to the Ultimate Grazing Table – Design on a Dime Series
  • Wine & Design – Essential Oil Candle Making Workshop
  • “What’s Cooking?” – Pork Tenderloin Workshop

Take a look at the CherryHills wine & design workshop in action in our Huntington Beach travel vlog below.

*The experience was a wonderful gifted experience from CherryHills Market