Who is ready for an adventure in 2020? I know for sure I am! One place on my list is, of course, Canada. Now, Canada is a location I’ve always wanted to visit as an adult. It’s full of stunning forests, cold-weather sports and of course, it’s the home of the famous maple leaf syrup! I mean, can anyone resist a pancake stack without it?! I’ve travelled there as a child to Ottowa, but unfortunately, I don’t recall too much so for this year I’d love to take an adventure to Canada. But what can you do in Canada? More to the point, what can you do if you thrive on an adventurous holiday in Canada? If you want a bit more information beyond this post then take a look at Canada through the seasons by Canadian Affair, but for now, let’s look at your options.

Why Canada?

If you love being outdoors and embracing the elements, then Canada has so many pockets of adventure scatter all over it. From kayaking past Icebergs, visiting Polar bears or ticking off the classics like Niagra Falls – it has something you could easily do every day. My experience of Canada, even though quite vague, was always a good one. I recall going to see Niagra Falls but we did spend a lot of time with the friends we were visiting. The people were super friendly and I just remember the entire place being beautiful.

My friend Katie (R) and me (L) in Canada.
Still, with a backpack and a camera – somethings never change!

Hornblower Cruise of Niagra Falls

This was actually the one part of Canada I did see! This bucket list item is actually made of three waterfalls which collectively make up the iconic Niagra Falls. Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and Canadian Falls. We’ve previously been on Hornblower Cruises in San Diego, but the great thing about going on a cruise like this is that you’ll get closer to the Great Gorge and really experience it. The best part in my opinion with a cruise of some fashion is you tend to get the historical commentary.

Wilderness Cookout in Banff – Lake Louise

Banff has been on my list since I was little, I think most people have seen that epic view panned out over Lake Louise from the Fairmont Hotel. That’s the hotel that looks like something out of a fairytale! But around this area, you can head out on a Banff Cowboy cookout! You ride on horseback either along the Sulphur Mountain or the Bow River for 3 miles then set up for a feast.

Hiking in Kootenay National Park

There are many iconic hiking spots in Canada, but I’ve always been drawn to Kootenay National Park for a good walk. There Hoodoos rock formation is one that has been drilled in my mind since I was younger in geography class. There are plenty of trails to keep you occupied, with distances from 1km to 22km. However, if you’re wanting something a little more skilled then you can head to The Torgnats and visit Mount Caubvick.

Northern Lights in Yukon

We went to Iceland and unfortunately didn’t see them, but apparently you can view the Aurora Borealis in Canada. What a glorious place to be to see the iconic lights and luckily there are many spots to catch them. Yukon is just one of the places in Canada to see the Northern lights. The difference with Yukon is that not only are you in a place with more probability of seeing the lights, but you can stay in chalets and indulge in a rural and relaxing experience in one location!

Wildlife Safari in Alaska

There is no denying that Canada is full of the most incredible wildlife, from polar bears to puffins, you quite literally have the opportunity to see such an eclectic range of animals. Luckily the majority of rural places will be host to these breeds, meaning there are often specific wildlife safaris available to book onto. Now, just to clarify, in no way should you go looking for animals without a guide! When my parents visited Banff they were warned not to go for runs because a bear had been spotted. Granted, that would possibly pick up your running pace(!), but it isn’t something anyone should risk to encounter. Whether you fancy Alaska and the Canada bears or the famous Canadian moose, then check out the best safari company Yellowfin for their packages.

How to get to Canada?

As you know I’m all about a good journey to a destination, something I talk about a lot on my YouTube channel. Consistency is key with good air travel and the best airline is Canadian Affair as it travels all year long, unlike many others. If my guide hasn’t sold you on this adventure-seekers paradise, then let me tell you, Canadian people are super friendly and very welcoming. Not only could have an incredible journey, you could even meet some amazing folk along the way. Who now fancies a trip to Canada for 2020? If you’re heading over to Canada or travelling with Canadian Affair, please drop me a message to be featured on For Every Adventure!

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