Christmas gift buying can be wonderful, that feeling you get when you find the ideal present is like nothing else – especially if you’re there to witness them opening it. But what happens if you don’t know what to get them? That’s when the festivities get a tad stressful – what should you do to have a stress-free Christmas gift hunt? Hello #HeartfeltWithMoonpig from, you guessed it, Moonpig!

Moonpig’s stress-free Christmas

The lovely team at Moonpig got in touch to help me with my Christmas shopping. I’d been having a bit of a difficult time looking for perfect presents for my loved ones, as the once enjoyable experience has become quite stressful. I tend to rush about, grab, go and don’t really enjoy the shopping experience as much as I did. This is where Moonpig stepped in! The team sent me a box filled with goodies to provide me with a Christmas Shopping Night In care package! No stress here!

stress-free Christmas

A stress-free Christmas

I have a confession to make, I attempted to go out Christmas shopping and felt anxious. It was so crazy busy that it was almost a bit overwhelming. I remember loving Christmas shopping, but somehow I was finding it all too much. This was not stress-free Christmas shopping!

Moonpig at Christmas

Moonpig sent me a number of gifts in my Christmas care package. For my evening in of Moonpig shopping, I would have my customised Mince Pies before Guys T-shirt, a tin of shortbread biscuits, The Grinch DVD, recycled gift paper and tags, a Christmas candle and a customised Santa sack! I was ready for my night in, especially as I had £100 to spend at Moonpig as well.

stress-free Christmas

Time for the answer to stress-free Christmas shopping? Follow my easy steps in how I’ve found this Christmas to be stress-free for gift hunting. Thanks Moonpig!

The Moonpig stress-free Christmas

Step 1 – Prep

Setting the scene is the most important part of Christmas shopping from home. Get yourself in the lounge with a tablet or laptop, make sure the area you are going to be sat is comfy and most importantly, tidy. When you try to relax around a messy setting, you’re never going to unwind! PJs are designed for nights in – so make sure you’re in yours or in something super comfy. Winter nights are snuggly socks or big jumpers! Get those Christmas PJs out and get ready to shop!

Step 2 – Get festive

Whether you need to put on those Christmassy jammies, some jolly classic tunes or a festive film favourite. Get yourself in the mood to be ready for the gift-giving. I had the Grinch in my Moonpig Christmas Package – the perfect. partner for my night of shopping

Step 3 – Plan your people

Moonpig make it very simple in finding the right kind of gift for anyone you need to buy for. Personally I love to make a list and jot down ideas first. By doing this you can get the satisfaction of crossing those people off knowing you got them the perfect pressie!

Step 4 – Have fun with it!

The thing I loved whilst shopping on Moonpig was that I could find so much I hadn’t really considered. Even better, it could be sent directly to my gift receiver. I particularly liked the hamper options, but most of all, the customised gift options.

Moonpig Christmas

My Moonpig stress-free Christmas

My evening was wonderful. I was able to sit back, relax and not feel fraught or overwhelmed by Christmas high street chaos, so I managed to find some fantastic gifts I hadn’t even thought of buying! I won’t tell you everything I got as I know some of my family read my blog.

A huge thank you to Moonpig for my wonderful Christmas care package – I had a fantastic evening gift hunting!

*Sponsored post in collaboration with Moonpig