eco-friendly travel ideas

Is there such a thing as eco-friendly travel? It might seem like there are no options to consider when we create a carbon footprint of air travel, but there are small changes you can do to help travel eco-friendly.

Pack your own toiletries

When we travel we often take lots of bottles with us of products, sometimes we buy big bottles, don’t want to cart them home, so we disregard them on our return journey. So what can you do to travel eco-friendly? Either look ahead at your hotel and see what their take on environmental issues are. Some hotels note their take on the plastic issue and will provide refillable toiletries to avoid the throwaway mini plastic ones.

eco-friendly travel ideas

Invest in eco-friendly products

Many people are becoming more health-conscious therefore brands are and the increase in eco-friendly options is becoming more accessible. Here are a few of my top options to pack in your toiletry bag.

Earbuds, toothpicks, and your toothbrush

Huge fan of a brand called Humble Co. They have bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free earbuds (how many of those can we go through!) and toothpicks. Honestly, when you think about the amount of plastic we disregard at home let alone when we travel, it’s quite alarming. However, if you can avoid using the hotel options then you are one step closer to being an eco-traveller!

Travel eco-friendly with reusable bottles

Avoid the throw-away issue with hotel toiletries by taking your own. I feel pretty sick knowing how many toiletries from hotels get thrown out. Some hotels have reusable soap dispensers now and are thinking more eco-friendly, especially in terms of reminding guests to reuse their towels during a stay. But if you think about it, the average person spends two nights, they’re washing their hair, so the bottles get restocked. Sometimes we’ll only stay one night, and even if you haven’t finished the bottle off, it’ll get thrown away and restocked for the next guest. Even places like Poundland have small reusable bottles you can pop your fave shampoo in, then when you finish the product, take the bottles home and you can reuse them for your next trip.

Say no to monthly waste woes

This one is a new adventure for me. Instead of using tampons and disposable pads, I’ve been trying out the Intimina Lily Cup One. Essentially it does all you’d expect from a tampon, but you can reuse it again and again and again. I personally have been slowing edging towards this as I ditched tampons with a plastic applicator, it was only a matter of time! Another good point to highlight, and sorry if you hate reading posts that chat about this, but it is a great travel companion. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been caught unprepared with my period when I travel. That usually means me trying to hunt down a shop somewhere! I highly recommend cutting down and getting eco-friendly when you travel with Intimina.

Show me the coffee!

It’s no secret, I am the ultimate coffee-drinker. Forget the Tales of Annie Bean, this should be the Tales of Coffee Bean. Anyway, so when I travel coffee is always in some form on my agenda, but particularly at the airport and even on the airplane. Next time you get on a flight, (in economy, premium, club, first and business tend to use less plastic) have a look at how much single-use plastic is used during in-flight meals/drinks. I always take my Stojo collapsable cup on my travels because it stores away in my luggage very easily. It pops out and I can get my Starbucks coffee or my in-flight beverage. Most coffee shops give a discount now for bringing your own cup.

Water, water everywhere!

It seems super obvious but to travel eco-friendly you really need to have a reusable water bottle. I love this Chilly’s one I got from my Salomon running event. I take it with me everywhere! Most airports let you fill it up and many have water stations for those carrying their own water bottle. Obviously don’t have a full bottle before you go through security!

More bags?

I like a fold-up bag when I’m at home, let alone travelling. It tends to be my just-in-case emergency bag. It’s for those moments where I can’t fit anymore in my backpack and have an overspill – often when I’m at the market. What about when you travel? Always take a fold-up bad with you, you never know when you might need it.

How else to travel eco-friendly

It’s tricky I know to travel eco-friendly but honestly, with some planning, you can be on the road to a sustainable travel experience. Other options to be more eco-friendly can be anything down to taking a reusable straw with you when you dine out, walking to a location, taking public transport – the possibilities are endless and really easy to travel eco-friendly.

So this big question is, what are you doing in 2020 to travel eco-friendly?

*Some items in this post have been gifted*