This is YOUR year. Your year to get outdoors, to explore, to see the world. Or so you say? Or is it just a scribbled commented on your long list of ‘must-dos’ for 2020? I’ve fallen victim to this before, but trust me it doesn’t need to be that way and one of the easiest things to implement into your life is getting outdoors.

Get outside for 2020

Being outside is so good on so many levels. Fresh air and freedom is the saying, and it truly is just that. Regardless of when I wince at the idea of having to take the dog out in the rain, once I’m on the walk, it’s glorious. I can unwind and lose my daily woes, the dog gets her walk, so it’s a win-win.

You can step things up with getting outside more with things like bike riding, hiking, SUP or kayaking. However, if walking is the one for you for now, then it can easily be included in your routine. I walk to work every day and rack up on average 15,000 steps a day. My walk to work wakes me up, allows me time to listen to podcasts, soak in the calm before my hectic day ahead. It is not only physically rewarding but it is also mentally rewarding.

What to wear outdoors

With people outdoors, you have to face the, oh so wonderful, British weather. Which, we all know is temperamental at the best of times. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! Here are my top picks to kick your 2020 outdoors.

Top picks for 2020

  1. Berghaus Long Combust Jacket – A great jacket for those dog walks and chilly mornings. This has been one of the best jackets for getting outdoors – so warm but waterproof too.

2. Berghaus Waterproof Ridgewater Jacket – Sometimes a jacket needs to be easy to travel with and a waterproof jacket like this Berghaus jacket is a great option.

3. Keen Women’s Vent Explore – These shoes are not only incredibly fun looking, but they’re also super practical. Aimed at light hiking, so not for those looking for advance hiking shoe, but ideal for your rambling hills and dog walks.

4. Osprey Nebula Backpack – I swear by my Osprey Nebula backpack. I use it for work and for travel actually because it’s compact and has a compartment for everything! It sits nice and snug to your back and provides jolly good support. If like me you cart the world on your back – this is a fab choice!

5. Stance socks – This is an open-ended one because if you’ve ever seen the range of Stance socks, you’ll understand why you can’t just pick one! In my old age I’ve come to realise that decent socks are the best, none of these cheap ones that fall apart or give no support. I use Stance socks for running, hiking, every day, even longboarding.

6. Columbia Women’s CSC Bugasweat Hoodies – You might have seen me wearing this hoodie whilst I hiked up to the Hollywood sign? Well, it’s reduced on the Columbia website so I had to share. It’s not your standard hoodie, it has SPF50 protection and more importantly, it’s super comfy!

Whatever you decide to do for 2020, whether that is hiking Snowdon, or simply getting out on a weekly walk, whatever your goal is to get yourself focused. Being outdoors is one of the best things you can do for 2020, so get out and enjoy it!