walking holidays

Whenever I go on holiday whether that is the UK or abroad, we are always active in some form. My holidays tend to be spent swimming, bike riding, skiing, running, you name it and we’ll have planned to do it! But regardless of the days where I’ll be trying to keep my Strava active with running a certain distance or swimming 2000m, I actually like to relax. Difference for an active traveller like myself, relaxing isn’t a sun lounger scenario, I still need to be busy in some fashion! The best balance I find to be active, relax and have a holiday, and see wherever I’m travelling, is by walking.

Isn’t walking boring?

Walking holidays might not sound the most exciting, but I assure you they are one of the best ways to really ‘see’ a place. Going on tours with a company you often get put on a coach to go and see something, the difference with a walking tour or walking to a location, you really experience it. Fresh air and freedom is how I like to describe the feeling from a walk, you can soak up the views and feel true gratification that you got there with your own legs!

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Why you should look at a walking holiday

I’ll often research wherever I’m travelling to, or Nick will, so we can figure out some good walking routes. We do play it safe to some extent as whilst Nick is very good with directions, I’m diabolical! If Nick were to get lost, we’d be stuck. This is why if you want a real walking holiday experience you need to seek out experts, especially if you’re looking for something off track and challenging. You don’t need to just consider the UK in all this, there are literally walking holidays all over the world, and you could go on any of them.

What walks should you try?

This is a, how longs a piece of string, question, but there are a few I’d highly recommend. In the UK I’d highly suggest looking at walk locations.

  • Ben Nevis – Take in the Scottish beauty and it’s 4,411 feet height.
  • Peak District – Literally dozen of potential routes from beginner to advanced (one of my favourite walking locations).
  • Snowdonia – Stunning countryside, and one you can either do self-guided or in a tour group

Where I’d like a walking holiday?

As you may know, I love to travel and there are many countries I’ve had the pleasure to visit and walk. There are so many unexplored locations I’d love to have a walking holiday in.

  • Yosemite – This is on my to-do list! I’ve been to California twice now, and two more times this year so hoping to explore this National Park beauty!
  • Crete – I love Greece as it’s just so beautiful wherever you look. Crete in particular has a range of walks
  • Vietnam – Both from a travel perspective to explore somewhere new, and a walking holiday. There is some much culture here!

Walking holidays are not just in the UK. Whilst the UK has so much to offer in terms of walking locations, you can find so much more around the world. If you’re travelling somewhere, I really do urge you to look at what walks are available. If you’re unsure please do take a look at HF Holidays as they provide numerous walks globally – might be good for some inspiration!

*Post in collaboration with HF Holidays.