Many people have made 2020 resolutions or have set themselves fitness goals to achieve. Some people will be well into January either buzzing from the extra activity or at this point, starting to question why they started. If you’re falling into the doubt pile, chances are you’ll find excuses to not exercise. The best thing you can do? Workout at home.

A workout at home is simply, easier. You don’t need to travel anywhere and you save yourself a significant amount of time by doing so. You can get up, do your workout and get on with your day, or you can do your workout when you get home. Whatever you decide, the ease of a workout at home is significant.

Creating a space for a workout

If possible, separate your work out space to your home space. For example, use a spare room, your carport (like we did) or even just a corner of a room dedicated to workouts. Often people will stick a treadmill in their living room, but many people don’t actually use it, living rooms are where we relax and trying to put something else in there like a treadmill can be off-putting. Find a space just for you to focus on getting the best workout.

What do you use most in your gym?

Options are endless when it comes to home gyms and is down to how much space you have to play with. We decided to convert out carport into a gym area because the space wasn’t being utilised. We had our turbo trainers in there originally, but soon decided it would be great for some conditioning equipment. I use mainly the free weights, Mirafit battle ropes* and the Mirafit medicine ball*. When the weather has been nice I’ve finished a workout with a nice stretch on my yoga mat outside the carport.

Will I use my home gym if I get one?

That’s an open question really because it’s how much you want to stick to achieving your 2020 goal? I’ve got Ironman Oceanside 70.3 coming up and I’m 100% focused on doing my best, so training is my best friend. I’m absolutely swamped all day, so I really appreciate getting up 40 minutes earlier and just getting straight to it. A big tip is to get a whiteboard and write your training plan out, having a visual can be beneficial.

How to stick to your home gym workout?

  • Make a schedule of when you’ll go
  • Pre-plan your workouts
  • Get your kit out ready so you go straight in
  • Charge your music device and get the headphones ready
  • Challenge yourself – don’t just do the same thing
  • Watch YouTube workouts to guide you
  • Train with family/friends

Sounds good to workout from home, doesn’t it. As long as you plan, and don’t let yourself wiggle out of a workout, it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever decided to do! I love working out from home, and I’m sure you will too. Don’t forget to share your workouts with me –

*Some items gifted from MiraFit