You’re probably reading the title saying, Annie this isn’t exactly a challenge, I agree, it might not seem that way but it actually is. For challenge 8 of my 12 in 12 challenges, I decided to do a snowboard lesson at Snowdome Tamworth.

Why a snowboarding challenge?

This challenge was a bit of a mental challenge as well as physical one. The last time I had a go at snowboarding I was in Val D’isere working a ski season with my husband. During this snowboarding lesson I had what I now know to be seizures, but at the time I had no idea. Since then the idea of ever snowboarding has been associated with a very difficult time, and I’ve never taken it any further… until now!

As my 8th challenge my husband suggested I took a complete beginners lesson at the Snowdome in Tamworth. I’d booked myself on their Level 1 lesson at 6pm, assuming there would be a huge group of us, and it was only me! I got a private lesson essentially meaning I time to have confidence and not get over whelmed by other progressing quicker than me.

My snowboarding lesson

I was so incredibly nervous, my legs would not stop shaking, but soon my instructor was building up my confidence. We started with working on controlling the toe edge and going down the slope in a smooth and controlled manner. The first one is quite funny to watch back, but by the 3rd attempt I was sailing my way down the slope. Next was heel edge, I found this a tiny bit more difficult after being on my toe edge, however I soon adapted. At this point the instructor pointed out how this lesson was only up to level 1, and I was onto level 3!

We began the ‘falling leaf’ exercise, where I slid across the slope and down to the bottom. I picked that up quite well so we moved onto turns. I found going from my heel edge to my toe edge rather difficult, but my toes edge to heel edge easier. This is where we left the lesson as I’d progressed so much in the 2 hours. I’m so excited to go back and keep practicing my turns!

Confidence building

So whilst this may not be a climbing a mountain or skydiving kind of challenge, it was 100% a challenge for me, and honestly I’m quite proud of myself for stepping up and finally doing it. In the past when I’ve had seizures doing things, I’ve subconsciously stopped doing whatever it was. I recall having them early in the morning after I would wake up, and I’d always be in the shower. I used to fear every morning going in that shower straight after I woke up, so I would try and wait as late as possible to go in. Or I’d hate presenting to people because I have previously been mid conversation and had a seizure, so I now hate public speaking.

The association with a seizure during an activity is quite powerful, and I know I’ve stopped doing things or put off doing them because of it. Not anymore.